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Priyanka Chopra apologizes to Sikkim people

Priyanka Chopra had recently made a comment at an interview at TIFF regarding Sikkim by wrongly describing Sikkim as the state as insurgency-hit. The comment hurt the sentiments and pride of the people of Sikkim.

Social media users had dubbed her to be politically illiterate while the state government of Sikkim condemned Priyanka’s comment and also demanded an apology.

To bring the controversy to a closure, Priyanka issued an apology.

She said, ‘’It saddens me that a comment I made during a recent interview at TIFF has caused this much pain when that was never the intention at all. I never meant to imply that Sikkim has insurgency.’’

“My statement was in context of the film that deals with people who seek refuge after they suffer from conflict,” she added.

She described Sikkim as a ‘peaceful, green state with peace loving people’.

She also said, “I know that my statements have hurt the sentiments and pride of the people of Sikkim and for that; I truly apologize.”

Priyanka believed that she should have been informed better and also took full responsibility for her comments on Sikkim.

She said, “I have always taken pride as being someone who is informed about the world but this time, some of the statements made were incorrect and while I should have been better informed about certain facts, I take full responsibility for what I said.”

Priyanka retracted her statement about the movie Pahuna being the first film from Sikkim.

She said, “I understand now that our film was not the first Sikkimese film to be made, but our aim has always been to provide local talent, both actors and technicians, a global platform to shine…”

“I understand the impact of the statements made and hope that the people and government of Sikkim find it in their hearts to forgive me.” she added.