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Prasoon Joshi responds about his absence as the new CBFC chairman

Prasoon Joshi cleared his stand on the public furor over his absence on his 1st day at work as the new Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Chairman. He stated his role to be of a guide rather than of a micromanager.

Prasoon Joshi, the new CBFC chairman said:

The authorities have fulfilled their role of appointing key people that have the faith, respect, and support of the fraternity and the public. Currently, I am getting inducted into the new role and familiarizing myself with the responsibilities, along with the other new Board members. The CBFC chairman and Board don’t need to micromanage everyday proceedings or look into every film’s nitty-gritty personally. This is not a correct understanding and if this is the manner this role got understood in the past for some reasons, it is not accurate.

There exists a fully functional staff at CBFC, which has various officers and is headed by a CEO. They all are working to ensure the functioning of this body and to ensure that there is no disruption of work. The CBFC is an established and solid body with processes in place that are being managed smoothly in this period. The Chairman and the Board is always there to guide them and, whenever required, help them steer through. I hope this will bring some clarity for future as well, and would not cause undue anxiety and confusion.

In due course, I am looking forward to reflect on the important issues with our eminent Board members.