With Prasoon, agreement or disagreement, at least you will be heard: Anurag Kashyap

Ever since the clearance of Udta Punjab’s production faced refusal last year from Pahlaj Nihalani who was the chief of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), Anurag Kashyap has had developed frigid relationship with him. Talking to a leading daily, The Bombay Velvet director said that the filmmakers chose appellate body over CBFC, “A lot of people avoided going to the CBFC and it was for the first time that people went straight to the FCAT (Film Certification Appellate Tribunal).”

But now, Anurag hopes that things will change for better as Prasoon Joshi is the new chief of the CBFC whom he believes that filmmakers can have discussion even if there are disagreements over the content, which was not possible during Pahlaj Nihalani’s reign as he took one-sided decisions. He said, “I’m happy about Prasoon taking over. He is a progressive man. The amazing thing about him is that you can sit down and talk to him. Even if you disagree with Prasoon, you can always have a conversation with him, which you could not do with Pahlaj. It was like his darbar and he would tell you what to do.”

“With Prasoon, agreement or disagreement, at least you will be heard. You can sit, argue and debate. He is an intelligent man, who could be against what you are saying but will give you space to say what you feel. That is the most important thing- a dialogue. A dialogue is possible with Prasoon, which never happened with Pahlaj. He would go on for two hours, where he would always start with how he has changed Indian cinema, how he got it the industry status, and how he taught several notable directors to make films”, added Anurag Kashyap.