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PM Modi announces Rupees 10,000-crore to universities

Addressing to a request made by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in his speech prior about giving Patna University the status of Central University, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday declared a corpus of Rupees 10,000-crore to be given to the top 20 Indian universities for their growth and development, keeping in mind the end goal is to guarantee that the universities are included among the best in the world.

Modi stated, “I would like to say something about a demand that was raised here and met with loud cheers by the young crowd attending this ceremony. Issues like grant of central status have become a thing of the past. We are taking a step forward. We will provide an assistance of Rupees 10,000 crore to 10 private universities and an equal number of government ones for a period of five years. All these universities have to do is to demonstrate their potential to become world class,” he said

Speaking at a function on the centenary festivities of the Patna University in Bihar, PM Modi said, measures like allowance of central status were currently “a thing of the past” and that his government has embraced “a step forward” towards making 10 private and 10 government universities world class.

According to Modi the top 20 universities will be selected on the basis of a challenge which shall be judged by a third party. He said “The universities will be a selected on the basis of a challenge in which they will be required to prove their mettle. The selection will be based on factors such as history, performance and its roadmap to reach global benchmarks. A third party professional agency will be involved in the selection process.”

Modi also suggested Patna University to grasp the given prospect and endeavour to become globally ranked varsity based on the competition. Modi said, “Patna University should not stay behind (in the challenge).”

Encouraging both public and private institutions to pave a way from the conventional method of teaching, Modi requesting that they draw in more alumni all the while and embrace innovative strategies for learning.

Talking about his government’s decision of providing autonomy to Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Modi said, “It is for the first time that the IIMs are out of government control and have been professionally opened up. This is a big opportunity for them and they would make the best use.”

Modi, who visited the Patna University for the first time said, “In every state, the top levels of the civil services have people who have studied in Patna University. In Delhi, I interact with so many officials, many of whom belong to Bihar. I consider it my honour to visit Patna University and be among the students. I bow to this land of Bihar. This university has nurtured students who have contributed greatly to the nation.”