Oxford sued for ‘inadequate’ history lessons

A FORMER Oxford student has sued the prestigious institute for £1 million over its “inadequate” teaching on Indian history.

Faiz Siddiqui has alleged his 2:1 grade meant a loss of earnings in his law career.

The 39-year-old is reported to have sued the university 17 years after he initially took the exam in June 2000, singling out the teaching on the Indian special subject part of his studies.

Claiming to be a “victim of poor teach­ing” due to staff being absent on sabbatical leave, Siddiqui also claimed medical infor­mation concerning his mental health was not passed onto examiners by his teachers.

Last Tuesday (21), counsel Roger Malla­lieu told the high court in London that al­though a 2:1 degree might seem like a “tremendous” achievement to most peo­ple, it fell “significantly short” of Siddiqui’s expectations.

“Siddiqui has been badly let down by Oxford,” Mallalieu said. “He – and others – became the victim of poor teaching provi­sion by the university in what was antici­pated to be his favoured special subject and he, uniquely among his peers, was further disadvantaged by his personal tu­tor not conveying his knowledge of his ill­nesses to those responsible for making reasonable adjustments and for moderat­ing his examinations.”

A spokesperson for Oxford University said it is “robustly defending” the claims.