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Om Prakash Rajbhar: Send children to school or end up in jail

Yesterday Uttar Pradesh Minister Om Prakash Rajbhar threatened that the parents who fail to send their children to schools will be locked up in police stations for five days without food and water.

In a video that went viral on the social media, the minister of the Department of Backward Classes Welfare and the Department of Disabled People Development is reportedly seen speaking vociferously against those who fail to send their kids to schools.

“I am going to enact a law of my choice. If wards of poor do not go to school, their parents will be forced to sit in police stations for five days. They will neither be given food nor water,” Om Prakash Rajbhar said at Rasda area while addressing a party gathering.

He said, “If (you) parents do not send children to school, you will be picked up by police. Till now your leader, your son, your brother was trying to make you understand. If you do not pay heed, I will continue to make you understand for six months more.”

Drawing parallels from mythology, the minister said like Lord Rama had to take up arms to build a bridge to Lanka to rescue his wife Sita from Ravana after his pleas to the ocean to pave way for him went in vain, “stern steps were required against the parents unwilling to send their kids to schools”.

“I am even ready for capital punishment for this,” Rajbhar added.

After the video stroked a controversy, the minister stood firm on his statement and said, “I stick to my statement. What wrong am I saying if I am threatening to send them to jail? Why are they not sending children to schools when the government was providing all education facilities?”