New deputy mayor pledges justice for Grenfell families

OFFICE: Beinazir Lasharie
OFFICE: Beinazir Lasharie

A LABOUR councillor who grew up near Grenfell Tower has been appoint­ed deputy mayor of Kensington and Chelsea Council.

Beinazir Lasharie, who represents Notting Dale Ward, in which Grenfell Tower is located, gave a rousing speech last Wednesday (27) when she took up the position at the council meeting.

Lasharie’s family home was near Grenfell Tower and she recalled that as children, they would play games with­in the building.

The newly appointed deputy mayor watched the tragedy unfold and tear­fully spoke of her memories of the devastating night of June 14.

She said: “Watching the building burn like that we stood, all of us numb, at the end of the walkways, si­lently shocked, thinking of the people who might still be up there.

“There’s no going back from this. It’s changed everything.”

Lasharie added: “The culture in this council has got to change. Those peo­ple aren’t here to tell their story but the council doors need to stay open for the bereaved families and the survivors.

Within the same meeting, local councillors voted in favour of finish­ing the council’s contract with the body that managed the tower, Kens­ington and Chelsea Tenant Manage­ment Organisation (KCTMO).

Lasharie, however, admitted it wouldn’t be a fast process and “every­thing is a bit up in the air”.

“There is still a lot of work to do,” she said.

The Grenfell Tower death toll cur­rently stands at 68, including 18 chil­dren, although police believe the final number could be around 80.

Feature image: Carl Court/Getty Images