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Natural Fat Burners That Actually Help You Burn Stubborn Fat

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It is true that the pillars of weight loss have always been training, nutrition and rest. However, there are other unpopular factors that contribute to weight loss. Hormone issues, medication, lifestyles and many others. This is when fat-burning supplements can come in handy, as some have proven to help with hormones.

For most, weight loss supplements are a scam, but it’s because of the wrong way they look at them. They are a tool to aid the process, not to replace a healthy diet and physical activity. Today, we are going to explain some of the most popular natural fat burners that will help you to boost metabolism, lose weight and increase fat oxidation.

Best Natural Fat Burners and How They Work

Thermogenics (the responsible substance behind fat burn) cause an augmentation in body temperature. This occurs through metabolic reactions, like the activation of fat cell receptors that think the brain is asking them to increase body heat; which happens with the consumption of the body’s fat storage.

To initiate this process, any thermogenic substance, like green tea extract, for example, will act on the metabolism, which helps you burn fat. This parameter is different for each person, which is why for some, losing weight is easier.

However, it is important to take into account that taking fat-burning supplements shouldn’t be considered weight loss pills on their own. They have to be accompanied by other basic factors to avoid weight gain and keep burning fat:

  • High protein diet
  • Sports
  • Consume fewer calories
  • Eating high protein foods and soluble fiber


Caffeine is one of the most popular natural supplements when it comes to improving sports performance, and it also helps to shed excess body fat. Its main source is coffee. According to Style Motivation, it has different mechanisms of action:

  • Caffeine aids the mobilization of fat by oxidating it during exercise.
  • Central nervous system. Consuming caffeine stimulates the raise of adrenaline and dopamine, improving the threshold of pain, which makes exercise more pleasing.
  • Caffeine also reduces muscle pain and boosts its activation.

In the morning you can use higher doses than in the evening, thus avoiding impacting rest. As with any fat burner supplement, be careful not to overdo it. Consuming too much caffeine can also increase cortisol, which is known for hindering fat loss. The FDA suggests 400mg a day as a maximum dose.

Green coffee extract

Unground, unroasted coffee beans (known as green coffee bean extract in commercial fat burners) contain a phytochemical, chlorogenic acid. Some studies in rats and humans suggest that taking it helps reduce carbohydrate absorption in the digestive tract and lowers blood sugar levels, as well as insulin spikes.

The main component of green coffee is chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol with a slimming effect on your body. It has a satiating effect, meaning fewer calories during the day. Also, it blocks the mechanism of glucose release in the blood. This supplement, accompanied by a balanced diet, can help you burn fat. The most recommended way to consume it is through pills, as they have the exact recommended doses.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

In weight loss processes, CLA diminishes the assembly of fat deposits and also boosts the destruction of said deposits. This supplement is not like many fat burners out there: it enhances metabolism and contributes to muscle mass. Therefore, between nutrition supplements, CLA will not only burn calories and lose fat, but it will also avoid a muscle breakdown.


Protein is a very important supplement for burning excess body fat. This amino acid helps to speed up metabolism and reduce appetite considerably due to the increased feeling of satiety it produces, so it will help you to balance your calorie intake. Eating protein helps the body to preserve muscle mass, a metabolic tissue that burns excess calories.

For overweight and obesity, a high-protein diet is twice as effective as a moderate-protein diet in eliminating fat. Most of the food we eat contains protein, but for weight loss, protein powder is much more effective. Under this category, we have natural fat burners food that leads to a healthy weight, such as salmon, eggs, steak, bone broth, cherries, nuts and so on. As to how much you should take, it depends on your body weight,  how much exercise you do and so on.

Soluble fiber

For a diet to be considered healthy and efficient, it is important to ingest fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs water, reducing the absorption of sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides in the digestive system, avoiding the symptoms of constipation and diabetes. It also helps to reduce appetite, and most importantly, it burns fat, considerably reducing the calories acquired at each meal.

Do You Really Need Fat-burning Supplements?

Fat burners promote weight loss in several ways. One way is by improving the amount of brown fat tissue in the body. Brown fat is a very active adipose tissue that consumes energy to generate heat, the opposite of white fat.

They are not absolutely necessary. However, medical team at HealthCanal agreed with the idea that combining these powerful natural supplements with a healthy diet and well-structured training plans can help you burn fat and achieve your fitness goals.

The Bottom Line

The food industry offers hundreds of products that can help burn fat, but a natural fat burner such as green tea, caffeine, vitamins, and protein is easy to consume and can be found in any supermarket or store.

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