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Modi meets Indian FIFA U-17 team

Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the Indian U-17 football team, that has created history by becoming the first Indian team to participate in a FIFA World Cup.

In the recent years, football has become a new sensation among Indians and with the event like FIFA U-17 happening in Indian sports arena, football has become a craze in the country.

The India U-17 team were invited by Prime Minister Modi at his office and after meeting them, the prime minister said, “I personally requested for this meeting as I saw some spark in all of you. Based on your performance people have started knowing you so there is a huge responsibility on your shoulders.”

He encouraged the team and asked them to stay together and in a few years, time should establish themselves as professional players.

He then stated, “Consider this U-17 WC as just a preparation for the future. I hope you stick together as a team and in 5 to 7 years’ time represent the country with great achievements.” Then he added, “There is no life without sports. Football is a very intense game. Hope you can inspire people to inculcate sports as part of their daily lives.”

Prime Minister Modi, who was present at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi during India’s FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 opener against the USA, said that Jackson’s goal against Colombia in their second match was the “biggest reason for all of us to celebrate”.

India’s run at the FIFA U-17 World Cup came to an end after slumping to a 0-4 defeat at the hands of Ghana in their last Group A fixture.

The India U-17 team are now slated to play their trade in the upcoming I-League 2017-18.