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Modern Trends in Digital Invitation in events

By: Eastern Eye Staff

Invitations are a polite gesture to call someone to an organized event, which are becoming popular these days but instead of using paper invitation, in this era, people prefer to go digital and create an attractive and appealing video invitations. A digital invitation is created using electronics like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc., and is sent via various social media applications like Instagram, whatsapp, Twitter, or Gmail. Nowadays, digital invitations are the latest and most preferred way of inviting people to an event organized.

The digital invitation provides the user with more options to add on, making the invitation look more attractive. Moreover, people choose to send digital dinner party invitations because it is easy and simple to use, and nowadays, everyone wants things to be as simple as a pie. Some reasons to use these invitations is because people follow a trend of following each other, so when everyone is involved in this trend, the one using the other feels dejected, so they also follow the same way.

Some types of digital invitations are

Invitation including video

These invitations are a type of e-invitation in which the invitation includes animation, and less text is added in that. It is an impressive way to call someone to attend an event. Videos are much more appealing than simple text or gifs.

Invitation including images and gif

This type of invite includes a variety of images and gifs, which is also a nice way to make a digital invitation. The invitation that includes images and pictures is a type of static digital invitation.

Types of invitation on the basis of purpose

Birthday invitation

A birthday party is an event with very pretty and cute birthday invitations, so sending dull invitations is not suitable for kids especially. Well, sending an interesting and cute little short video invitation is liked by almost everyone, including adorable pictures, texts, and soft audio and movie theme invitations. Kids birthday invitation are more creative and requires editing and inclusion of creative designs and pictures like photos of cartoons whereas invites of adults seems more formal and sober which is mostly of neutral colors.

Wedding invitation

Nowadays, wedding invitations are more trendy as people create a short overview of their love story that everyone likes. This digital invitation includes their happy moments, meeting place, and other moments. So it is a classy way to invite someone to their happy beginning.

Get together

Get together is a party that is organized for a simple get together. People create e-invitation for such events with a great variety of items to be included instead of simple text invitations. It is a type of informal event organized in which digital invitations are created and sent via different applications.

Why did people want to use E-invitation?

  • Cost-effective

Budget is one of the important factors that need to be considered, as everyone wants to have a service provided at an affordable rate. So sending digital invitations can be an effective way to create a free invitation. Moreover, apart from being cheap, it provides a variety of facilities that are not available at any other kind of invitation. For instance: you can send an invitation by any social media site or by Gmail, which is free of cost, but sending the invite through speed post or by any other means can be a little expensive.


  • Quick and easy

Using digital invitation services is relatively easier to use and process. Making an invitation seems a difficult task, but it is an easy task that just needs creativity. E-invitations are an ideal way to deal with things simply as it involves creating an invite and sending it to your relatives in a snap of seconds. Moreover, it is a source of increasing the reach as to invite so many people is not possible sometimes due to lack of time. By sending the digital invitation, many individuals are invited just by a click.

  • Time-saving

If you are willing to create an invitation that takes less time than yours? Well, digital invitations are a way to save time and money and are the most preferred choice of everyone. Creating an invitation is just like the cherry on the cake if one is interested in art and craft; it is a work of fun and takes very little time. Time management can be a feature of e-invitation, which is a requirement of everyone nowadays due to the hectic schedule.

  • Lot many designs

Digital invitations are a perfect solution to get a plethora of designs used to make the invitation look classy and attractive. Templates are also available in a variety that is so beautiful and creative that many are liked. For this upcoming generation, digital invitations are like an advantage as they are more into fancy and innovative things. Many visual effects are also provided digitally, including transition, glitch, reflections, etc. That makes the invite look nice. For example: adding some of these features like transition can make the video look appealing, and people like that effects.

  • Eco-friendly

Through the advancement in technology, our environment is getting better day by day as people are using e-invitation to call someone in an event organized so less paper is used. Earlier invitations on paper are in trend, so many trees are cut down for paper making, which has a drastic effect on our environment. As trees are a source of veggies, oxygen, and a lot more items, they must be saved, and with this trend of the digital invite, there is a major effect on our environment, which is positive and healthy.

To conclude, invitations play a crucial role in calling on someone and are becoming very common these days. It is a very effective way to invite someone in a very short period and save the environment. These digital invitations are becoming popular nowadays because they have a lot more features, especially a variety of available designs. This trend will show an accelerating trend in the upcoming years as the upcoming generation has a major liking for new and latest designs. Time management is also one of the most important features of this digital invitation which is a requirement of everyone these days.

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