Manoj Kumar stands against the idea of making a biopic on him

Veteran actor Manoj Kumar does not favour any biopic on his life or penning a book on the same since he believes that it involves talking about other people too. In an interview, Kumar said, “I am against my biography also. I can write about myself, but there are other persons involved in it and I will have to name them. I’ll be exposing them then, which I don’t like….”

The actor says no one has even approached him for a biopic or a book as they know his temperament.

He also said that no one yet has approached him for a biopic or a book on his life as they are aware of his temperament. He said, “Is the audience only interested in how I came to Mumbai, how I struggled, how many nights I spent in writing and conceiving my films? They are not… But nobody has approached me, honestly. They know my temperament.”

Though Kumar is not keen on a biopic on his life yet he is all praise for the special four-episode feature-biopic on actor Prem Nath, titled Amar Prem Nath which is a tribute to the actor by his son Monty.

Kumar had worked with Prem Nath in films like Shor, Dus Numbari, Roti Kapda Aur Makaan and others.

Speaking about Prem Nath, Kumar said, “Prem Nath was the Anthony Quinn of India, he could do any role you say. I always considered him as a senior, an elder brother and he considered me like his son. We were very close. In fact, he told me to take care of Monty, his son, after he is gone.”

Kumar spoke about a memory he would never forget that was when Prem Nath was hospitalized. He said, “He wasn’t well once and was admitted to Breach Candy hospital. I went to see him. He said ‘why did you come, it’s okay, don’t worry’. Next day, I received an envelope, when I opened it, it had his chest hair, which were shaved to do some tests.”

“I called him up to ask why did you send me this. He replied- ‘I don’t know if anyone will immerse my ashes but at least you will (immerse) my hair. I trust you’,” Kumar said.