Mahima Chaudhary insists people to write roles for senior actresses

Actress Mahima Chaudhary wants to do substantial roles than portraying mediocre ones. She claimsthat she had chosen to distance herself from Bollywood due to lack of good roles for the senior actresses. She insisted that the industry should pen good roles for senior actresses.

“May be the writers and directors should start experimenting and writing (roles for older actresses). Even in Hollywood I hear women complaining. Nevertheless, you do see them doing roles in bits, but here it’s scant. You would rather sit and not do anything than be available to do very little work,” Mahima told in an interview.

“I wish people write more (roles). The roles that Mr Bachchan is playing, they weren’t before. People are actually writing for him. If they begin writing for senior actresses, something nice would come out. We are not saying we are as talented as Mr Bachchan, but it can (be done), people will connect,” she added.

As the film Pardes completes 20 years, Mahima who is remembered for her role in the film spoke about her life after Pardes. At the special screening of Pardes, Mahima said, “Life, career, everything took off. It was the most wonderful moment. The film continues to be a part of my life. It hasn’t been forgotten. The children perform on ‘I Love My India’ and recognize me even after so many years.”

Pardes being her debut film, Mahima reminisced about her first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan, she said, “He (Ghai) said Shah Rukh is coming tomorrow, but he did not come. Then he said tomorrow, he again didn’t come. Everyday there was panic and anxiety that he is coming but he wouldn’t turn up! Finally when he came on the 13th or 12th day, we had got tired of even thinking he is coming. He suddenly arrived on the sets and hence there was no anxiety. First day he didn’t shoot, we just chatted. When he was doing his scene, we watched him perform in awe.”

Mahima gave her first shot for Pardes in a temple which co incidentally has a link to the celebrated actor Sridevi.

“My first shot for the film was the one where I am pouring milk on the Nandi cow in the yellow outfit which was actually stitched for Sridevi! It was bought for me and reconstructed. Designer Neeta Lulla was told ‘bring a dress tomorrow’ so she had that ready. She made it to my size, brought it and I wore it,” Mahima said.