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Lopamudra Raut wants to pursue acting

Having walked ramps nationally and internationally and being associated with various causes, Lopamudra Raut believes that there is life beyond than just being beautiful. On talking about her opinion about beauty, Lopamudra said to a leading Indian daily, “Unfortunately, Indians are a little unaware of the importance of beauty pageants. They don’t realize that the experience empowers you and helps you evolve. We are not just models, but role models. There is so much more to us; we are associated with several causes. We are always in front of the camera and constantly judged. Perfection is just an imagination. I have always believed that imperfection is more beautiful and natural. It’s okay to commit mistakes, but what is important is how you handle them. Beauty is all about resilience. I feel proud when people acknowledge my tremendous transformation and I have immense respect for these pageants. When I become a mother, I’ll definitely push my daughter to participate in beauty pageants.”

Remembered for her performance in Bigg Boss and Khatron Ke Khiladi which was hosted by the filmmaker Rohit Shetty, Lopamudra shared her experience of working with the filmmaker. She said, “It was an honour to work with such a talented and experienced director like him. We both love cars and I am glad that I got to do some car stunts on his show. He admired my never-give-up attitude and would often say, ‘I salute your spirit’. I have learnt a lot from him during the course of the show. I would love to work with him some day.”

On being asked where next would she like to lay her attention on, she said, “People have seen me on reality shows, but they haven’t seen me act. I would now like to prove my mettle in acting. The medium is influential as its reach is vast.”