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Looking for the most profitable slot

By: Eastern Eye Staff

RTP: every experienced player knows what this abbreviation means. Literally: “Return To Player,” that is, it denotes the degree of return of a particular slot – Return To Player. It is very significant when picking. But it is not the only important factor.

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Examples of Games

Here, for example, one of the most popular slots in the casino world, Blood Suckers. Its RTP rate is about 98%. What does this mean? The machine returns 98% of bets for the entire game cycle. It must be played in all combinations, which can only pass. They can be a million or even more. Therefore, the RTP, in practice, only sometimes works as intended. There is no need to conclude the machine’s profitability based only on it. Moreover, there are several other equally important indicators.

If we play Blood Suckers for a few days and Geisha Wonders, for example, with an RTP of about 93.4%, there is a high probability that the result will not be quite the same as we expected. The second machine can be much more profitable than the first. Why? It’s simple – we played too tiny to see the whole picture. Spinning a thousand spins and a million is a very big difference. For a few spins, the results can be very different. Luck has a significant influence in this case. One of the essential characteristics of the slot payout is volatility. It is also called dispersion or scatter. It gives an idea about the frequency of winnings and their size. If the variance is significant, the winnings will be infrequent, but their size will be very large. If the conflict is minor, the machine will give out more often, but a little.

Dead or Alive is a great example. We can play it for weeks and get nothing. Or you can spin a few freespins and get a couple of wilds – and then the winnings will be huge. That’s the whole point of high variance. It is an indicator of risk. And for considerable risk – a big score.

Volatility and RTP are essential. However, it would help if you remembered the third parameter – cyclically. Many players with experience say it is a dubious character and dispute its existence. In theory, the cycle length allows us to reason when the machine gives out and when it “shaves” all bets.

The Arabian Nights slot has a very long cycle length—(All because of the progressive jackpot, which begins to gain anew after a big win). On the contrary, the Evolution slot machine cycle is minimal. At first, we can play for a month and notice one protracted plum and one protracted return. And second, these segments change much more often.

How to choose a slot machine “on the payoff.”

Long-time players know which characteristics of a slot machine are essential. One of them is the RTP. Yes, it is crucial when picking. But there are others, no less significant.

Blood Suckers slot machine will help to reveal the essence. This slot is viral among players around the world. RTP – 98%. What is the point? When the machine completely passes the entire cycle of bets, it will return the player about 98% of what he had contributed all along. It means that all the combinations that are possible must fall. They may not even be tens of thousands but millions. So one should not rely only on RTP because it is only partly a theory, and things can work out differently in practice. It is worth paying attention to other parameters.

Let’s practice

Let’s compare Blood Suckers and, for example, Geisha Wonders, which has an RTP of about 93.4%. Let’s spin them, for example, for a week. Most likely, it will turn out differently than what we expected. The benefit of Geisha Wonders with RTP 93.4% will be more. What’s the reason? We’ve only played it for a week; more is needed to evaluate it correctly. The results will be very different if you play it a thousand or millions of times. You can hit the jackpot or a good sag on balance in such a short time. Luck is the main factor in small distances.

Volatility is something to always keep in mind. (It tells us how often we will win and how much at a time. A more considerable variance means a smaller payoff, but the profit will be significant. And vice versa, slight variance – we win more often, but the payout will be relatively small.

The machine with high variance is Dead or Alive. He can rob us for a very long time. But sometimes a couple of wilds can give a solid jackpot. That’s just about how volatility can be described in practice. It is akin to risk. We can lose a lot, but if the slot gives, it gives a lot. And this cannot help but please.

The two parameters described above are essential. But there is another one – cyclicality. Most players wonder if the machines are cyclic at all. Experts completely deny their existence. Nevertheless, albeit conditional cycle length will help us determine when the payoff and when the slot takes away. For example, there is the machine Arabian Nights, which has a very long cycle (the fact that it has the so-called progressive jackpot, which begins to accumulate again after a big win). And the Evolution machine has a very small one. Therefore, the possible winnings are noticeably smaller, and the slot quickly then rebuilds on the payoff, then begins to row.

List of actions:

  • Looking for a few machines with a good level of RTP. The choice we have a lot, so the selection will not be difficult. Choosing slots from 96% RTP is desirable, but also not with maximum values.
  • Take what you like and, most importantly, the high payout percentage.
  • See what their dispersion is and how long the cycle is.
  • You can spin the slot with high and low dispersion. Here we are on taste and color. Although in recent years, machines with high variance have been in greater and greater demand because everyone wants to win a lot and fast. Be sure to compare the bankroll and variance. For example, playing 10-20 spins in Dead or Alive is stupid. You need to reserve at least 200 spins and, better, 400-500. Suppose you found ten machines with good volatility and fit all criteria, only 5 or 6. That’s okay, and it should be.

It is best to make a list of preferred machines with both. With high volatility and low. Thus, you will have a relatively flexible set of slots for universal strategies.

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