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Living with a rubber doll

By: Eastern Eye Staff

In this era, everyone is very fortunate to be born with technological advancements and to live more freely than in the past. Many young women and young men are able to stay single by living with a sex doll without the need for marriage, marriage, and family life as they used to be. Because sex dolls have a very human-like texture and are designed to meet unlimited sexual desires, more people are buying sex dolls for their homes. Make love by using a rubber doll. You can have an orgasm as many times a day as you want without having to go to a family or get married and have children like in the past. It is an advantage for people in this era to enjoy life without getting married and having a family and if you want to buy a doll for your sexual desire then you can visit here real doll to buy a rubber doll which really look like a human. Our brand XENDOLL will really satisfy you. Indeed you will like our service and product also.

How can we live with a sex doll?

They can also be used for a lot of other things, not just sex. See Real reviews from real sex doll users who have used them.

Indeed, we can all be happy with our loved ones, not necessarily husband and wife. whether father or mother including other family members But it is something that cannot be avoided and prevents us from distinguishing which one is love which is passion that is lust. Therefore, sex dolls were brought to young men and women to live with them to see if it can actually meet the needs or not. It was found that young men and women who lived with rubber dolls lived happier lives. They are happier than those who have children and have families. Therefore, it can be concluded that sex dolls can meet the sexual needs of people in this era more than having a family. Because they do not have to bear the burden of raising their children and wife until they run out of money living with a sex doll also allows everyone to save more money from raising their family and no need to live a luxury life Paying off a car loan to pay off the house is a waste of time because we can easily be happy with a rubber doll that we can buy. Make people turn to know more about the rubber doll only with a price of ten thousand.

Human sexual desires

Human sexual desires are inexhaustible. In the end, we ourselves are unable to distinguish between the people we encounter in our daily lives. Will we really love him or is it just a temporary infatuation? Which love we can love from those around us: Parents, siblings, friends. It’s not always necessary to love the person we want to have sex with. Therefore, the rubber doll came to answer this question because orgasm doesn’t come from love at all. It’s because of obsession and all the brain mechanisms. Which can now be purchased male sex doll or a female sex doll is much easier than in the past because there is a shop selling rubber dolls. It happens a lot, both online and in store. Which is considered a good result because when there is competition; product quality will improve and fair prices for customers.

How to use a sex doll safely?

Rubber dolls are very popular for people in this era. Because the use of a sex doll will help us get a response to the sexual mood. Each person’s sexual temperament is not equally intense. Neither one can control their own sexual feelings. Using a rubber doll to help is an option that is becoming very popular because in addition to helping we have a place to vent sexual emotions. We can still be happy have friends to relax But they are not beings that can actually talk. But there is a flesh that we can live with. However, buying a rubber doll a good quality product must be safe with an instruction manual that teaches us how to use the sex doll safely.

Manual for using a rubber doll

The manual that came with the purchase of that rubber doll In addition to teaching us. How to assemble a rubber doll and use it properly?

We also learned how to properly and safely use a sex doll. Generally rubber dolls have to be cleaned regularly, especially the genitals Must be cleaned of dirt every time. Because our semen can accumulate in the sex dolls that we have sex with. Can accumulate harmful bacteria when we go to have sex again, we can be infected with these dangers. And can cause serious diseases to our genitals. Until the point of having to go to the hospital at all therefore, cleaning the sex doll is important. Not only rubber dolls, we need to clean them well. But we have to clean ourselves as well. After having sex with a sex doll let us take a shower with soap. Wash the genitals with soap and wipe dry. Keep it clean in order not to cause infection with bacteria that accumulate on the sex dolls that we regularly use to have sex just as we can reduce the risks of various dangers that come from rubber dolls. If we use it regularly, it should be cleaned at least once a day. Do not allow the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

Chances of infection from using a sex doll

If we bring a sex doll that is ordered for sex without keeping it clean not cleaned well according to the manual every day. What will follow is the accumulation of various types of pathogens. May cause our genitals to be infected with these dangerous things and may eventually cause us to lose our genitals so it’s best to keep it clean when having sex with a sex doll to be safe.

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