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Kratom Businesses are Pushing Pain Medications to the Side

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Thousands of Americans are looking for alternative ways to relieve their pain. Over-the-counter medications just have too many side effects that some just grow wary of. It is not surprising why more holistic, natural, and organic products are all the rave. In our society, people are looking for better ways to put their health first.

Kratom is becoming more popular within the states. This is because of its medicinal properties that help those with chronic pain and more. To gain knowledge about the best kratoms for pain as well as some tips for taking kratom, go to the Kratom Krush website.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is an evergreen tree that is more notably known as Mitragyna Speciosa. This tree is actually native to various countries within Southeast Asia. What many people may be surprised to hear is that it is actually part of the coffee family Rubiaceae family. As you may suspect, it does have similar effects as coffee.

These dark green leaves have different colored veins. The three most common colors of kratom strains are red, white, and grown. These each have different balances and quality in effects. Some strains, such as the red, have more relaxing and analgesic properties. Others, such as the white strains, are best known for energy and focus. Green strains can be thought of as a balance of both worlds- red and white stains- with slight energy and pain relief as its effects. Of course, kratom suppliers and farmers want to create a wider variety of products. This is why there’s been hybrids of kratom strains to create new versions/colors, such as yellow or gold kratom. All in all, these are amazing to many kratom users and are continuing to grow in popularity.

Where is Kratom grown?

As mentioned, kratom is grown in many different countries in Southeast Asia. A large supply of kratom actually comes from Indonesia alone. Some of the biggest islands of kratom production include Borneo and Sumatra. Other regions like Thailand and Malaysia are also big producers of kratom, with large kratom farms and harvesters dedicated to growing these trees. One interesting and unique place of kratom cultivation is Vietnam. The kratom that comes from Vietnam is just as amazing and unique, but harder to come by as it is grown in very small parts of Vietnam.

Kratom is not commonly grown in the U.S. because there tends to be issues between the FDA and its approval of kratom. However, kratom that is grown in the states, is not as great as the kratom grown in its original native lands. The tropical climate and weather in the Southeast Asian islands and countries that were named is ideal for high-quality kratom. The soils, rainfall, and humidity are ideal for kratom’s production in many beloved alkaloids. It’s no surprise why many kratom vendors and businesses want to get their kratom from overseas versus the states.

How can kratom help with chronic pain?

Since kratom has many alkaloids that are known to be anti-inflammatory and relaxing, kratom is most loved for these reasons. Some of the alkaloids in kratom are mitragynine (primary alkaloid found in kratom, hence the name of the plant), paynantheine, 7-hydroxymitragynine mitraphylline, and rhynchophylline to name a few.

Many of these alkaloids have properties that are similar to some common anti-inflammatory and pain relievers. A lot of kratom users with chronic pain, such as arthritis, and backaches have continuously raved about the pain-relieving benefits of kratom and how relaxed some feel. Others love certain strains for the mild pain relief and energy that are balanced in effects.

The Top 3 Kratom Strains for Pain

Earlier we mentioned that red strains are best for pain relief. So, we’re going to provide two well-known red strains and one green strain for those who want slight energy and less sedative benefits.

1) Red Borneo- This strain is an amazing one for pain. A lot of users who have tried this one claim that it provides them great pain relief, but keep in mind that it is very relaxing. I’d recommend taking this strain about an hour before bed. Many usual kratom consumers stick to around 5-8 grams.

2) Red Maeng Da- Red Maeng Da is a household favorite for many. It is one of the most popular strains out there. It is highly potent and effective at bringing pain relief. Many claim to even feel euphoric from this strain at moderate doses. It is slightly energetic and great at reducing mild anxiety. You can take about 3-6 grams throughout the day as it is potent.

3) Green Malay- As far as green strains go, this is a favorite for many. It is less potent than other strains, but it still provides pain relief with some energy boosts. It is a balance of both. We recommend you take this one during the day or in the morning. If you tend to get slight anxiety from pain, this one is great at reducing that as well.

Tips for Beginners

Since kratom is still fairly unknown by many in the states, here are a few tips to help you understand how to take kratom and how to pick the right reputable vendors:

  • Start your initial dose with about 1.5-2 grams. This is so that you get a better understanding of where you are as far as tolerance.
  • Slowly increase until you reach the desired effects and benefits
  • Try not to take kratom every day. Use it occasionally so your tolerance doesn’t increase as quickly
  • Check to see if the online vendor sells 100% organic and natural kratom
  • Make sure your online vendor is available to contact in case you need help picking the right strain for you, as some strains are stronger and more potent than others.
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