King of kiss and tell

Max Clifford
(right) and
Shilpa Shetty;
and (below)
with Faria Alam
CONTACTS: Max Clifford (right) and Shilpa Shetty; and (below) with Faria Alam

By Amit Roy

MAX CLIFFORD, pur­veyor of “kiss and tell” to tabloids, who was giv­en an eight-year-prison sentence in 2014 for his­toric sex offences, died last Sunday (10), aged 74.

He once told me of the three Asian women in his life – Pamella Bordes, Faria Alam and Shilpa Shetty – though there was never any question of him sexual­ly abusing any of them.

I had quite a cordial relationship with Clif­ford. Like most journal­ists, I had no idea he used his status to abuse girls as young as 16.

He claimed that back in 1989 he got tabloids to chase Bordes, the erstwhile Pamela Singh, a former “Miss India”, to divert attention from someone who was his real client.

In 2004, he represent­ed Faria Alam, the Bangladeshi secretary at the Football Associa­tion, who had a brief fling with Sven-Goran Eriksson, then Eng­land’s football manager.

Shilpa took him on as her PR agent in 2007 when she won Celebrity Big Brother after suffer­ing racist abuse, but they parted company, possibly because she was unwilling to pay his 25 per cent commission.

The days of kiss and tell are not over yet, judging by the money being directed at Meghan Markel’s first husband, film producer Trevor Engelson.