Karan V Grover believes in living with failure more than success

Television actor Karan V Grover will soon grace his presence in digital space, as he will play the role of a rockstar in Vikram Bhatt helmer Spotlight 2 which will be released on October 28 on Viu. Known for being television’s handsome personality, Karan V Grover has worked for many television serials. In an interview with a leading daily, Karan V Grover spoke about her new project. He said, “I had wanted to work with Vikram Bhatt for a long time. I had just come from a vacation when he gave me a call saying, ‘Hope you haven’t cut your hair!’. When I told him no, he said, great we are shooting something for Viu, will connect once I am back from London. And about 20 days later, we met discussed the character and I was more than happy to come onboard. Vicky is a star but he the success has damaged and disturbed him. How love gets him back on track and he understands the true meaning of fame is the entire story that would run for 13 episodes.”

On being questioned about whether success has ever gone to his head, thereby leading him to choose wrong direction, to which he replied, “I haven’t seen that much success to reach that way (laughs). I feel I am a very introvert person and I don’t get carried away with the characters that I play. Though I don’t know, maybe sometime in future I might.”

He further added about failures that plays an important role in one’s career. “There was a basic music prep and I did not even know how to hold a guitar. I wanted to at least look convincing when I was strumming it. While I was on this, I realised how passionate and difficult a musician’s journey is. Also my director Siddhant really helped me out. He lived the character completely and got me to walk on his path. And then there are stylists to make you look good of course,” said the actor.

Karan mentioned that he and his actor friends had worked on a web series for Hotstar six years back, however, nothing worked well as per planning. He said, “I think people did not realize how big the digital space would grow back then. I am completely agnostic about the medium and for me, an author-backed role holds more importance. After being part of TV and movies, I was really looking forward to doing something for the web. In future too, I am open to all mediums if the character offered to me is strong.”