Actor Karan Kundra, who is in a relationship with TV anchor Anusha Dandekar, blames social media for causing trouble in their relationship. According to IANS reports, Karan said, “I do feel guilty about this because this (trolls) is what she (Anusha) has to wake up to every day. This has led to problems between us. There are issues at my home as well. My mother scolded my sister the other day when my sister tried explaining this to her. It’s not that she believes everything but she has now started reacting to it.”

The couple will be coming face to face with their trolls on MTV Troll Police. Talking about receiving hate comments on social media, Anusha said, “According to you being in love is a crime, in fact being in love online is a bigger crime. It’s time we sit down face-to-face and talk about it.”

Talking about trolls affecting their relationship, she said, “For me, trolling has increased tenfold. Maybe I lived in a bubble. Since the time I started dating Karan, my life has changed. It has been very difficult for me. Every morning I read at least 50 hate comments saying you aren’t cultured or aren’t good. I can’t even say the things. Though my Hindi isn’t great, I do understand the things they say in Hindi.”

She also mentioned that the trolls want her to no longer continue her relationship with Karan, Anusha said, “Trolls want us to break up because they love Kritika (his former girlfriend) and Karan together. They were in a TV show. They looked great. They were everybody’s love.”