Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar compared the accelerating growth of Indian economy to the pace at which movies speed up after interval. He said at an event that the Indian economy may have slack in its growth in the last two quarters but it is still developing and hence, there should be no pessimistic attitude towards the same.

“I feel strongly that the interval point in cinema is a great point. We all know that in second half of most cinema things speed up. That’s my feeling for Indian economy,” he said. “When it comes to India, I’m hoping for a glorious second half and a great innings ahead,” he added.

Karan Johar insisted on changing the perception by looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty. “Here there are so many negative and pessimistic voices about the economy,” he said. “In Europe they are hoping… their economic growth is flat and not negative,” he said.

According to the figures projected by RBI which is 7.3 percent, Karan said that the Indian economy is instead growing to 6.7 percent. “That’s still not flat, we are still on our way up. And I feel very strongly that just like our films, our narrative is dramatic, sometimes melodramatic. It always has a tinge or humour but eventually there is a happy ending – that’s the way our cinema is. That’s pretty much my hope the narrative of India would always be,” he said.

Adding further Karan said, “I feel that sometimes we tend to get extremely pessimistic about our environment and our economic political and social stability.” Karan believes that he is extremely optimistic and that India has  a majority government with the unflinching political governance.

“We definitely had a growth economically. Yes, it may not be in the estimate we had hoped for, but it definitely exists. We are not minus, we are definitely not flat. We are showing a growth,” he said.