Karan Johar follows the rule of ‘less is more’ for Ittefaq

Ittefaq’s producer Karan Johar believes in the policy of the “less is more” with regards to the promotion of the movie. As many filmmakers opt for a formal trailer launch event, the makers of Ittefaq, however, preferred to launch the trailer online.

On this note Karan Johar said, “We want to protect the intrigue, mystery and thrilling point of the film. When actors go out for film promotions that time in a media interview, they reveal facts and details of the plot. So, B.R. Films, Shah Rukh Khan and myself, we all have mutually decided to protect the content of the film. With this film, we are not going to do any promotions, we will not go to any reality TV show to promote the film and we will not have media interviews and media presence either. We respect media but it’s our new strategy that we want to protect content of the film because with this film, I feel less is more.”

Speaking further about shooting the recreated version of the 1969 film Ittefaq’s song Raat Baaki, Karan said, “It goes with the theme of our film. We are presenting Raat baaki with a new impact. This song will be shot on Siddharth, Sonakshi and Akshaye and we are going to make an interesting music video for the film. So, we are only coming up with a theatrical unit and the Raat baaki song. After that, we will release our film.”

The new Ittefaq is all set to release on November 3. The film starring Sonakshi Sinha, Akshaye Khanna and Siddharth Malhotra is produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and directed by Abhay Chopra.