Kapil Sharma opens up about his spat with Sunil Grover

Earlier this year, it was reported that Kapil Sharma had a fight with Sunil Grover in a flight while they were travelling back to Mumbai from Australia. At the trailer launch of Kapil Sharma’s upcoming film Firangi, Kapil was asked about his spat and his bond with Sunil Grover.

Kapil Sharma said, “There were some things that happened, but there were more things that were reported. I love Sunil Grover. He is one of the best actor I have worked with.”

Kapil Sharma admitted that he was under the stress of the show in Australia and that a demise of his colleague from the film Firangi also supplemented to his pressure. Kapil said, “I never fought with Sunil, I love working with the best people in the industry. When I had started working on Comedy Circus I had asked the makers to get Sunil on board whom I had met on Hass Baliye. When you work with the best people, you learn a lot.”

“Now let me tell you in detail about what happened. When we were going to Australia, just a couple of days before that an artiste passed away from our film. I had a scene with him the next morning, and I missed him terribly. I became very nervous and negative then. Our shoot was also delaying a lot in Punjab because of heavy winters and fog. All these things and a fight between two of our members at the show in Australia ignited more anger in me. I wanted to cancel the show because I just couldn’t take so much pressure. Chandan had checked out of the hotel and I couldn’t find him until an hour before our flight back to India. Sunil was quite worried seeing me in that state. Sunil and I know each other from the last nine years, and have worked together from the last five years. I don’t have any complaints for Sunil, but if I were Sunil, I would have tried to understand what is going wrong with a friend as he had not seen me like this in the last five years. But I have no complaints, he is a great performer, and a greater friend,” he added.