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Kapil Dev happy to see Ranveer Singh playing him on screen

Reportedly, there have been rumours about Ranveer Singh doing a biopic on the legendary Indian cricketer Kapil Dev. However, Kapil Dev has quashed the rumours about the same and mentioned that the film is not a biopic on him, but it is based on the 1983 World Cup where in Ranveer would be playing Kapil Dev’s role in it.

Confirming about the same, Kapil Dev said to a leading Indian daily, “There’s a misconception about the film; it is not a biopic. It is a plot based on 1983 World Cup and Ranveer is playing my role in it. The film is not about me, but on how we won the World Cup as a team.”

When asked about whether he is glad to see Ranveer playing his character in the film, he said, “Of course! Ranveer is a fabulous actor and there is no question of doubting his ability. I’m sure he will portray me well on screen! But I would definitely like to see how many mistakes of English he makes because I used to do that!”

On asking about whether Ranveer is coordinating with him for the preparation of the role in order to get his traits accurate, Kapil said, “I don’t think fantastic actors like Ranveer require that. But if he wants to know how I talk or how I handle things, or if the director feels the need for this, I’m always ready to support them!”

As the film will be a work of fiction, Kapil Dev was asked if he has given any do’s and don’ts to the makers of the film for the portrayal of his character, to which he replied, “I have not given any list of do’s and don’ts because I’m sure that filmmakers will correctly project the story of our winning the World Cup. Moreover, two of our mates, Sandeep Patil and Balwinder Singh Sandhu will see that things are projected in the right perspective!”