Kangana Ranaut on sexual abuse in Bollywood

Ever since the issue sexual Harassment in the film industry has been brought under the limelight, many actors and actresses have been vocal about their experiences of sexual harassment. Unlike Hollywood who are naming and shaming their sexual abusers, Bollywood has chose to stay mum about their sexual offenders. Talking about the same, Kangana Ranaut feels that women have always been blamed for causing the behavior of abusers, thereby, making Bollywood celebrities to stay tight lipped about the harassment.

Kangana Ranaut said in her elaborated reply during the launch of Shobha De’s book ’70 and to hell with it’ hosted by Barkha Dutt, “To tell our women, ‘Next time, make sure not to wear that dress, and you don’t go to that hotel room at this point of time and also don’t be too ambitious,’ all these things are not healthy. What we are telling our children is that they are responsible for a sexual offender’s behaviour. How can I be responsible? I am going to my work. Even if I am going out with my colleague or I am having wine with a friend or a partner, how can my clothing, my demeanour convert someone into a sexual offender? It’s not in my hands.”

Kangana further emphasized on the fact that the victim should be allowed to open up about the sexual harassment experience even after years of tolerating the abuse.

“I got harassed and I know a lot of people who got harassed. Sometimes you don’t have that liberty to put your career at stake. I do agree that you want to take that promotion but now you want to save the girls who will follow you. If I want to talk about it after six years, you as a society should encourage me. Why would you say, ‘Why now? Are you out of job? You didn’t scream at that time. Where’s the photo? Where’s the video?’ I should be allowed to talk about it (sexual harassment) even from my death bed,” said Kangana.

Condemning other Bollywood celebrities who claim that they chose to avoid sexual harassment because they were neither poor nor ambitious, Kangana said, “Sexual harassment is the most misunderstood term in our country. I have seen a lot of actresses and influential people talking about sexual harassment but completely misunderstanding that for consensual sex. Why do you say ‘I was not a very ambitious girl so, I avoided sexual harassment?’ What are you implying? ‘I don’t come from a poor family. So, I could avoid sexual harassment.’ I don’t get the connection. What is the connection?”

The conversation was then turned towards her alleged tiff with the actor Hrithik Roshan, to which Kangana said, “In the case of exploitation by a person I worked with (referring to Hrithik), he is sitting across Arnab Goswami and talking rubbish, which my lawyer has again released a video refuting everything he said. This person (Arnab Goswami), who is asking everyone to apologise, did not ask him a single question. Why is that? I was called for that show and I refused to go. So in order to get back at me, this sort of politics and selective journalism happened. All of this happened in a very hostile environment. This struggle goes on and it is going to go on.”

Kangana continued as she spoke of how women should deal with sexual offenders, she said, “Unanimously, what we should do is expose sexual harassers and offenders because that is their only punishment. Honestly, no one messes up with me anymore. I have become this person, who would say anything anytime. This is the greatest thing that has happened to me. Women should be like that. You should catch them (men) off guard that they think, ‘Oh my God! She says anything. Let’s stay away from her’.”