Kangana Ranaut got a sense of freedom from failure

Controversies favourite Kangana Ranaut beamed with full confidence during the press conference of her forthcoming film Simran, as she spoke about the failure of her film Rangoon, which also starred Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor.

Speaking about her experience, Kangana said, “Rangoon’s failure was a tragic one, there’s no hiding to it that I was drastically affected by it. I started to expect a lot with that film, but, later I got a much-needed reality check. I thought that when I escaped from my house, I thought of achieving a goal, and I have achieved more than that. Then, I started to realise that my expectations from my own self is rising higher, which is wrong. In that case, I’ll start turning greedy. So, somewhere, the failure gave me a sense of freedom. Now, I have a beautiful house of my own in Manali, which I’d never thought about.”

Adding further, she said, “If tomorrow, my films don’t work well, I’ll go to Manali. I’ve received three National Awards. I’m considered the leading face of the Hindi film industry. All this is a lot for me. When failure hit me, I thought it’s the end, nothing worse than this can ever happen to me, because people look down on you. However, it teaches you to be strong and gives you the much-needed push, and also makes you realize that nobody can pull you down than this because you’ve already tested the worst. So, it’s a kind of a relief to me. For a girl like me, who was nothing and now, has achieved everything, I think nothing is impossible for me, I can achieve everything in this world. I’m not insecure in any way. I’m content with what I have.”