Jihadi Jack told parents he wanted to behead British soldiers, court hears

Parents of Jihadi Jack, John Letts and Sally Lane (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)
Parents of Jihadi Jack, John Letts and Sally Lane (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

PARENTS of Jack Letts, dubbed Jihadi Jack, appeared in a UK court yesterday and revealed that he told them he wanted to carry out a suicide mission against British soldiers.

John Letts and his wife Sally Lane are facing three charges of funding terrorism for sending over £1,700 to their son between 2015 and 2016.

They have denied three charges of funding terrorism.

Prosecutor Alison Morgan QC alleged that both parents knew their son was being “manipulated by others,” and the parents had reason to suspect the money would be used to fund terrorism.

“Sending money in such circumstances, where you may conclude that it was highly likely to fall into the wrong hands, is against the law,” she said.

The jury heard that in 2015, a former school friend named Linus had posted on Facebook a picture with a group of British Army comrades after completing his Commando Artillery Course.

Commenting on the picture, Jack said: “I would love to perform a martyrdom operation in this scene.”

He added: “I genuinely believe attacking the British Army is a very praiseworthy action when the intention is correct. I would happily kill each and every one of Linus Unit personally.

“This message for you, Mum and (younger brother) Tyler, I honestly want to cut Linus head off.

“I hope he finds himself lost in Beji or Fallujah one day and sees me whilst I’m armed and I put six bullets in his head.”

His mother replied: “I’m really hoping that your disgusting comments about cutting people’s heads off are not coming from you, i.e. someone else is using your account.”

The trial continues.