Jacqueline Fernandez opens up about her cat fight with Alia Bhatt

After the release of A Gentleman garnered decent box office openings, actress Jacqueline Fernadez and Sidharth Malhotra were rumoured about their extreme proximity with each other, thereby leading to a cat fight with Sidharth‘s alleged girlfriend Alia Bhatt. The actresses had unfollowed each other on their respective social media accounts.

However, a Diwali picture of both the actresses together let all the rumours set aside. In an interview with a leading Indian daily, Jacqueline  Fernandez spoke about her feelings towards the news that surfaced about her cat fight with Alia Bhatt. She said, “It is sad. Honestly, I felt very hurt. It’s the same media and same people that ask you, ‘why don’t you do more female oriented roles? What are you doing for women’s rights?’ And it is the same female reporter who asks, ‘what about your catfight with Alia?’ I was like, ‘you are a woman and how could you even ask me that. Shouldn’t you be uplifting us as actresses?’ Sonam Kapoor went through the same thing. Sometimes, I feel the only thing I get written about is that I’m dating someone or that I’m in a catfight.”

She also revealed about her relationship status and her priority towards acting.

She said, “I haven’t dated anyone (for a long time). I am so focused on my work right now that those things are not my priorities. I feel so hurt that just because I am an actress, people think those are my priorities. We are working hard, and running our families, and our houses on our own. I wish they would grow up.”