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India and US hold talks on defence cooperation

On Monday the 8th Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) Inter-Agency Task Force Meeting was held in New Delhi as a part of lndo-US Bilateral Defence Cooperation.  

The meeting was co-chaired by Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff Vice Admiral A K Jain and Acting Director, International Cooperation Mr Matthew Warren. The DTTI was initiated as an idea by former US Secretary of Defence Dr Ashton Carter in 2012. 

“The aim of DTTI is to bring sustained leadership focus to the bilateral defence trade relationship and create opportunities for co-production and co-development of defence equipment,” the statement said.  

“A number of joint working groups spanning varied projects have been established under DTTI on both sides, which have identified various projects for the armed forces,” it added.  

The Ministry of Defence further said, “The working groups meet regularly to discuss and take forward the projects”.  

“The U.S. has declared India as a major defence partner under the National Defence Authorisation Act in 2017 has given an impetus to the DTTI,” the Ministry of Defence said.  

Vice Admiral A.K. Jain underscored that India’s defence industry is on the path of progress and now it has focused its attention on achieving excellent technology for the manufacture of defence weapons and equipment. This will also give a major boost to India’s major initiative ‘Make in India’. 

The statement said, “Both sides understand the importance of DTTI in this respect and it is a good forum for mutual cooperation to take ahead the defence ties between the two sides”. To which the US Co-chair Warren said, “Defence cooperation between the two countries is continuing to make progress and that both sides understand the importance of DTTI”.