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India seeks action on Pakistan-North Korea nuclear-missile links at UN

India has called attention to the Pakistan-North Korea nuclear-missile nexus and said the international community should act against those involved in such deals.

On Thursday Amandeep Singh Gill, Permanent Representative of India to the Conference on Disarmament, told the UN General Assembly, “The international community should take a united stand against those who indulge in or benefit from clandestine (nuclear) proliferation linkages.”

Excluding the possibility of joining the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as a non-nuclear weapon state, India said it remains committed to a unilateral voluntary moratorium on nuclear explosive testing.

“The question of India joining the NPT as NNWS (non- nuclear weapon states) does not arise as, in the past, India remains ready to work with the signatories to the treaty for progress in multilateral forums on the shared goal of the global elimination of nuclear weapons,” Gill added.

Expressing worry over the pace with which North Korea is progressing on missile and nuclear technologies, infringing upon its global duties, India called upon North Korea to forgo such activities which unfavorably affect peace and dependability in the area.

Gill said that as a responsible nuclear power, India has a policy of credible minimum deterrence based on a ‘No-First-Use’ posture and non-use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapon states.

Acknowledging that India did not participate in the negotiations for the adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, Gill said, “as a result, New Delhi cannot be a party to the treaty, and will not be bound by any of the obligations that may arise from it.”

Notwithstanding being a non-party, India complies with the standards and objectives of the NPT, including its nuclear disarmament aspirations, he stated, adding that India is focused on making its commitment to fortifying non-proliferation.