India, Russia Rs 39,000 crore missile deal

India is all set to acquire five advanced S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems from Russia for Rs 39,000-crore. This would be one of India’s biggest defence deals in recent times. The S-400 Triumf is one of the most modern and formidable defence systems in the world today.

According to reports, the talks regarding the deal have entered the final stage. The Narendra Modi government is keen on closing the deal in the fiscal of 2018-2019.  

Manufactured by Almaz Antey in Russia, the missile system includes set of radars, missile launcher sand command posts. The missile system has different kinds of supersonic and hypersonic missiles to intercept incoming aerial threats at different ranges.   

India is finalising the deal for the long range (120-370 km) interception missiles. Carried on mobile launchers, the missiles can engage targets at the ranges of – 120 km, 200 km, 250 km and 380 km. The missiles can hit targets at the speed of 17,000 kilometres per hour, which is faster than any existing aircraft. 

Reports suggest that the S-400 can be used to completely neutralise Pakistan’s short-range Nasr (Hatf-IX) nuclear missiles. If India is able to close the deal, it would be able to track all Pakistani air bases. Also, China installations in Tibet would also come within India’s striking range.  

A defence ministry source said, “All the five S-400 systems, which can even take on medium-range ballistic missiles, apart from cruise missiles, will be delivered in 54 months. The force-multiplier will change the dynamics of air defence in the region”.