Many aspire to become a Bollywood star but unfortunately only few make it to the stardom. Bollywood being one of the struggling industry, many fail to become an actor / actress despite of struggling in the industry for years. However, things were different for actress Illeana D’Cruz, as she never took up the profession of acting by choice. Although she wanted to pursue different professions, destiny had different plans for her.

“As a child, I wanted to be an air hostess so that I could travel across the world for free. Slowly, my interest shifted to fashion-designing, as I had always been fascinated by fashion. In fact, during lectures in school, I’d sit on the back bench, doodling and designing clothes. Later, I fancied studying psychology and becoming a child psychologist. But destiny clearly had other plans,” said Illeana D’Cruz to a leading Indian daily.

At the age of the 16, the actress debuted in South opposite Mahesh babu in her first film. As she has marked 11 years in the film industry as an actress, Illeana D’Cruz said, “I didn’t realize what my opportunities were when I started out. Like, I knew nothing about Mahesh Babu, who was a star. I had a typical giddy-headed, teenage brashness. It took me a while to understand the world of cinema, and I didn’t like it initially. It took me some time to get my head around it. I also learnt how to be diplomatic, although I am pretty bad at it even now. Over the years, however, I fell in love with my work.”