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How Does Turmeric Help Athletes Recover?

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Being an athlete is not an easy profession as it demands a lot of your physical energy. Long exercise schedules, being on time for training, and carrying the same spirit despite soreness are not easy. For athletes, recovery is crucial for optimal performance and reducing the chances of injury.

Besides having a healthy diet and taking proper sleep, supplements for muscle recovery are crucial. Turmeric is a king of spices but has many other benefits, including muscle recovery. Can turmeric help athletes recover faster and increase performance? Let’s investigate this matter and see if turmeric works or is only hyped!

How Turmeric Helps Athletes in Faster Recovery?

Athletes have to be on the go all the time, and they can’t have a break if they feel sore. The intense and long physical training hours can also mentally exhaust an athlete. After prolonged hours of exercise, one needs to recover fully. Turmeric supplements help athletes with their performance, and here is how:

1.   Anti-inflammatory Effects

Turmeric health benefits include anti-inflammatory effects, which work wonderfully for athletes who perform high-impact exercises. It helps to inhibit inflammation as the curcumin compound is rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

The prolonged inflammation in joints or anywhere in the body can lead to heart illnesses, fatal diseases, cancer, gastric intestinal conditions, etc. Due to intense exercise, athletes can experience inflammation which alters their performance. Athletes suggest having turmeric as it reduces exercise-induced damage.

2.   Reduces Swelling

As an athlete, you are bound to have some injury that can cause your joints to swell. While prevention is the key, treating pain and swelling with proper remedies is essential. Turmeric may not instantly reduce pain from injury or swelling, but having its supplements beforehand can significantly reduce effects.

Some athletes dip their swollen joints in hot water with turmeric for faster healing. Turmeric can delay the signs of onset muscle soreness, which means you will feel the effects of injury after a prolonged period. Hence, footballers have turmeric supplements to enhance their pain threshold and foster faster recovery.

3.   Better Mobility and Joint Health

Exercise and intense weight training can often cause resistance in movement due to soreness. The prolonged soreness in muscles can cause a lot of stress and inflammation. Turmeric is known to help with better mobility and joint health.

Doctors often suggest over-the-counter inflammation medications, which are not healthy to take in the long run. However, turmeric is a natural and safer way to combat mobility issues. It is better to start taking the best turmeric supplement beforehand to reduce the effects of stress-inducing exercises. Turmeric also helps in fastening the muscle recovery process.

4.   Improves Mood and Intelligence

Athletes should have a neutral mood and the ability to think faster for better performance. Before a competition, an athlete is not only trained physically, but they are also mentally conditioned to aim for the win. Turmeric is also pivotal in stimulating a good mood and sharpening the mind.

Critical thinking is a necessary aspect that helps an athlete make calculative moves. The curcumin substance in turmeric works miraculously to sharpen an athlete’s mind. It also works to neutralize the mood and increase focus. Hence, you must start taking turmeric supplements if you are competing in international leagues.

5.   Delays Muscle Soreness

One of the key benefits of turmeric is that it helps delay muscle soreness which may reduce an athlete’s performance. Athletes may feel acute stains and soreness during their performance which might take a toll on them. However, turmeric can help control the after-effects of an injury or a strain.

An athlete may not feel soreness for up to 6 to 8 hours after the injury. It helps in promoting optimal performance and sharper focus. However, athletes must avoid stretching exercises before performing to avoid muscle exhaustion.

How Much Turmeric Should an Athlete Take in a Day?

Most people don’t know how much turmeric would be enough to see a visible difference in their health. The intake of turmeric does not make a difference, as your curcumin intake matters the most. To feel a visible impact, an athlete should have at least 500 to 1000 milligrams of curcumin daily.

Taking sufficient turmeric from food is impossible as we only add a pinch in spicy dishes. Hence, turmeric supplements can prove to be a sufficient source to deliver the necessary amount of curcumin. They are easy to make and are packed with great curcumin properties.


Turmeric is a great way to promote faster muscle recovery and better mobility. However, preventative measures for muscle soreness and injury are also necessary for optimal performance. It is necessary to take supplements beforehand to delay the onset-muscle soreness.




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