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How CBD Oil Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

By: Eastern Eye Staff

Today’s health consciousness is driving many people to change their diets and fitness habits for better health. Scary statistics of heart disease and other health concerns of ignoring diet and exercise are encouraging many people to better lifestyles, and if you’re one of them, you’re likely looking for ways to see better results with your workouts faster. 

Many fitness enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, are turning to CBD to help them improve their fitness goals. It’s widely believed that CBD can be used as an aid for recovery as well as for improving the results of a workout regime. 

CBD has become widely acceptable since you can buy CBD oil online or in legal physical dispensaries. Thus, it could be a great addition to your workout habits, but you’ll want to make sure it can help you get the results you’re seeking. Here’s how CBD could help you reach your fitness goals. 

Your Endocannabinoid System and Workout Results 

To understand the way that CBD can help your fitness results, it’s vital that you become familiar with the endocannabinoid system. This is an essential function of your nervous system that helps to regulate hormone production and immune responses. It’s filled with cannabinoids that occur naturally in your body and transmit signals to your endocannabinoid system. 

By taking CBD, you’re increasing the number of cannabinoids in your system, which work to activate this endocannabinoid system. It can inhibit negative responses like pain or anxiety to promote a feeling of wellbeing, often called the entourage effect. 

CBD is not the only thing that helps your endocannabinoid system. It turns out the physical exercise also plays a huge role in promoting that sense of wellbeing.

You’ve likely experienced a rush of endorphins after a workout that make you feel great both mind and body. It’s sometimes called an adrenaline rush or a runner’s high. This is your endocannabinoid system coming to life, producing serotonin and dopamine while suppressing cortisol and other hormones associated with feelings of mental unhealthiness. 

As you can see, CBD and exercise could do amazing things for your body, so it makes sense why it’s such a popular substance used among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

CBD Boosts Recovery 

There’s a growing school of thought that CBD can help to boost recovery for those who work out. Whether they’re trying to heal sore muscles or an injury, CBD has helped many overcome the pain, stress, and tension following a workout. 

CBD is believed to be an anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce the blood flow to an injured area. This is a natural immune response to help prevent further injury and protect an injured site, but it ironically slows down your recovery time. 

It’s very difficult to get the results you want when you’re plagued by inflammation. CBD is believed to impact the endocannabinoid’s immune response sector to bring down that inflammation and get you back to the gym sooner. 

CBD Helps You Fight Through the Pain 

There’s also growing research to indicate that CBD is an excellent pain fighter. It’s believed to bond with the body’s CB1 receptor, which works within your endocannabinoid system to inhibit feelings of pain. 

It can aid with recovery in this respect, helping to reduce feelings of pain while your body feels. Read the reviews about best CBD oil for pain. More importantly as it pertains to your fitness results, it could help you to ignore the pain and difficulty of an intense workout. That’s not to say you’ll be ignoring the pain if you’re doing a workout wrong and you injure yourself, but it can help you boost your mental endurance, helping you get through the tough workouts. 

A Navy SEAL instructor once famously said that getting through the toughest hours of training is 90 percent mental and only 10 percent physical strength and capacity. CBD could help to give a person the emotional and mental capacity to get through the hardest workouts and see the best results. 

CBD Treats Anxiety 

A huge inhibitor to success in fitness is anxiety. This mental health disorder plagues many who have a desire to hit the gym regularly and get the results they want but who can’t because they’re too anxious to go. They might experience anxiety in regard to the social aspect, performing in front of others, a potential for failure, and more. 

Regardless of where the anxiety comes from, it makes it difficult to go to the gym, let alone perform the intense exercises needed to get the desired results. 

CBD is a well-known treater of anxiety. It’s impact on the endocannabinoid system is believed to inhibit the production of the famous stress hormone cortisol while producing more motivating and happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. This shift in chemical production in the gym can yield incredible results for your fitness goals. 

It’s so effective at treating anxiety that more than half of CBD users with anxiety said they replaced their prescription anxiety medications with CBD because it was as effective or more effective. That’s a huge testament to the effectiveness of CBD on mental health. 

CBD Improves Sleep 

All athletes understand the essentials of a good night’s rest. Sleep is vital in helping your body to recover as well as to boosting your performance. The CDC recommends that the average adult gets between seven and nine hours of sleep every night, but pro athletes try to get more. Their average is eight to 10 hours nightly, and they almost always strive to get more on the night before a game. 

That’s because they know the effect that sleep has on their performance. It gives their muscles and tissues time to heal and strengthen while they’re at rest. It also boosts their cognitive function so that the next day they’re fresh and ready for the up and coming fitness events. 

You too should be striving for more sleep if you want great fitness results, and if you’re struggling to get that, CBD can help. It’s believed to be an effective sleep aid without the heavy side effects of sleeping pills. Those who use it to help with sleep claim that it helps them to fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer. 

These are just a few of the ways that CBD could help you reach your fitness goals, and as you try it for yourself, you might discover even more amazing benefits.

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