HCL Technologies launches A.I-Powered Process Transformation Platform

Recently HCL Technologies (HCL) that continues to develop best-in-class A.I-powered resolutions to alter the entire IT services landscapes as well as business processes and application engineering procedures has launched ‘Cognitive Orchestrated Process Autonomics (COPA)’ Platform for enterprise-wide process revamp and ‘Transformation through Autonomics and Orchestration (TAO)’, bringing top-end consulting services to enterprises, looking to rebuild their business and IT systems on the foundation of A.I.

DRYiCETM COPA platform applies smart A.I-powered elements to the front, middle and back-office processes, driving end-to-end automation and orchestration of IT / Business Processes and creating a ‘Unified Office’. DRYiCETM TAO is an Autonomics and Orchestration assessment and strategy consulting service, helping organizations chart out a detailed and descriptive pathway to an A.I-powered future.

Tom Reuner, SVP – Intelligent Automation at HfS Research said, “To enable a truly digital experience, organizations have to connect the back, middle and front-office to achieve what HfS terms the OneOffice. To enable and accelerate this journey, the notion of orchestrating a diverse set of automation approaches is a critical enabler. By integrating a broad set of automation capabilities, COPA provides organizations with critical building blocks to enhance their automation assets.”

Kalyan Kumar, CTO – IT Services, HCL Technologies then added, “The success that we have seen in bringing the impact of A.I to our enterprise customers, since we launched DRYiCETM two years ago, has allowed us to amass an incredible amount of invaluable real world experience about the practical aspects of A.I applications. For enterprises looking to rebuild their systems on the foundation of A.I, we have hosted next-generation offerings and platforms, including a radical reimagining of the traditional role of robotic process automation through DRYiCETM COPA and expert assessment and strategy consulting service DRYiCETM TAO.”

DRYiCETM COPA platform brings together the best of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Orchestration, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Natural Language Processing-enabled Cognitive Virtual Assistant – ‘LUCY’.

COPA automates entire IT or Business Process chains end-to-end in a seamless way, delivering a ‘Unified Office’ experience to end-users. It achieves this by integrating back-end RPA with front-end NLP and A.I for judgmental decision making, enabling accurate recognition of queries and offering real-time deliverables.