Gippy Grewal underwent acting workshops for Lucknow Central

According to The Times Of India report, Punjabi singer and actor Gippy Grwal who plays the role of a prisoner in Lucknow Central reveals that he was perplexed when asked to undergo compulsory acting workshops before the shoot of the film. He says, “ Farhan introduced me to acting workshops. I initially thought, ‘Do these people think that I can’t act? Or do they think I don’t know my job? If they’ve signed me for a role, I’ll do it to the best of my abilities.’ But my opinion changed when I attended the workshops with Farhan, Ronit (Roy), Rajesh (Sharma), Inaamulhaq and Deepak (Dobriyal)”.

He further goes on to say, “during the course of the workshops, we not only became more familiar with the script, but also with each other. Everyone knew their cues before we actually started shooting. If the workshops hadn’t happened, we would have taken half the film to just become friends. Here, we had warm camaraderie before we started shooting. So, we didn’t have to work too hard to establish our screen equations.”

Although it’s the first time that Gippy is acting in Bollywood, he will be conducting acting workshops for his upcoming Punjabi films too. On speaking about the respect that he got from his workmates he shares, “a lot of them like Ronit, Farhan and Rajesh are senior actors. They’d get up from their chair and greet me, which was their way of showing respect and acceptance for my work and experience as an artiste”.

Lucknow Central is slated to release on September 15.