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Sachin Tendulkar: Get your eyes scanned at ‘Eyebetes’ camp

India is on the edge of becoming the Diabetes Capital of the World’ overtaking China, which earlier had the largest number of diabetics.

It is projected that in the next few decades, we will have more than 100 million diabetics in India. It is also expected that every fifth person will be diagnosed with diabetes.

A large part of the population in our country is unaware of the most common lifestyle disease and its effects, including poor eyesight and blindness. With a view to educate people, Dr. Nishant Kumar, a distinguished ophthalmologist, is spearheading a campaign – ‘Eyebetes,’ to raise awareness about the correlation between diabetes and blindness among people.

‘Eyebetes’ will offer the worshippers an opportunity to get their sugar checked and their eyes scanned, free of charge. This noble campaign has already garnered a positive response from the masses and renowned celebrities.

Cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar, has also lent his immeasurable support to this initiative by urging people to come forward and get their free check-up done.

Sachin Tendulkar commented, “Not many people are aware of blindness caused by diabetes. It is a new term – ‘Eyebetes’. With the help of this free sugar check up, eye-scan drive, Dr. Nishant Kumar, and the team is doing a really good job. I urge everyone to take the time out to get your sugar and eyes checked when you go for Bappa’s Darshan. Dr. Nishant and his team will be there to help you with the quick process and also give you tips on how to control diabetes. Early detection could help cure it faster. Do not take your health for granted, your eyes are very precious.”