Force for change: How art can empower and celebrate women

STELLAR ROLE: Anita Choudhrie
(left) with Chila Kumari Burman
STELLAR ROLE: Anita Choudhrie (left) with Chila Kumari Burman

BRITISH-ASIAN artist Chila Kumari Burman spoke about empowering younger generations as she traced her journey in the arts at an event in Lon­don last Wednesday (18).

Liverpool-born Burman’s multi-me­dia works draw upon fine and pop art imagery as her works seek to explore Asian femininity and her own personal family history.

“The value of artistic expression as a force for change cannot be underesti­mated. It has the power to challenge, to educate, and to prompt social reflec­tion,” Burman said

“My driving motivation has always been to celebrate women and to em­power younger generations, and I am incredibly honoured to take a leading role at this event.”

Her remarks came at the event organ­ised by Stellar International Art Founda­tion, which aims to promote women in art, as well as feminism and female em­powerment as a movement for social and cultural change.

Burman discussed concepts of sexu­ality, feminism and gender featured in her artworks including her Bindi Girl series, her self portrait pieces and her film Dada and the Punjabi Princess.

One of the few British-Asian artists to exhibit worldwide, her work has been on display in the UK, EU, North America and south Asia and has been acquired by public and private collections.

The founder of Stellar Art, Anita Choudhrie, said, “We are thrilled to bring the insightful and inspirational works of this esteemed artist to life.

“Chila is a trailblazer and known globally and Stellar is honoured to host this event.

“Stellar has long championed artistic talent regardless of backgrounds or gen­der and we hope that our latest event is another illustration of the power of cul­tural expression and exploration.”