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First steps for Lucid Dreaming

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“I do not dream”, have you ever said that to yourself? It is not a true statement, every person dreams at night, but some people do not remember their dreams. The first step to learning lucid dreaming is the desire to be able to remember their dreams. Have a clear mind before you go to bed and tell yourself that “I will remember my dream when I wake up.” This is a proven and effective way to remember your dreams. An agitated state of mind or worries you may obstruct it, the next morning to remember your dreams.

Stick to a sleep schedule regulated. Try to stick to a solid sleep and wake. This will assist you in your dream recall. Avoid drinking alcohol or taking medication at bedtime. Diet also plays a major role in dream recall. Fatty foods or simply eating just before going to bed will occupy your body with the digestion of food and divert resources from the brain, the body, instead of getting the rest that your body needs.

The most important step to dream recall is to keep a dream diary. Keep a pen and a notebook or a tape recorder available next to your bed, so it is within reach, as soon as you wake up. You should record your dreams as simply as possible. A small lamp beside your bed will help you when you wake up in the middle of the night from your dream and would like to write it.

Do not get up immediately after you wake up, just stay in bed for a moment, keep your eyes closed and move as little as possible. Wake up slowly and stay relaxed. Stick to your current feelings and let your mind wander through the images of the dream you just had. Write down as many details as possible about your dream down, do not assess the content of the dream, you simply draw it on so that you can come back to it later and can judge him. Talking about your dreams with friends or participating in an online forum will also help in dream recall.

Note: If you are in hurry, visit this page to know step by step about how to be an Expert Lucid Dreamer

Learn lucid dreaming

If your dream diary is starting to fill and you are able to remember at least two dreams per month, you can start with the first steps to have a lucid dream. There are a lot of ways to make clear the fact that you are dreaming. For “Beginners” there are a few simple techniques. First, there is the “reality check”. Ask yourself the question, “Am I dreaming?” The figure in a dream is not always the easiest thing, but it’s usually pretty obvious if you are not dreaming or. If you find yourself in an unknown place again or do something or see that probably would not happen in reality, you will know that you are dreaming.

If you are in your bed or in your own home, you can try on something to look or how to read a book, a clock, then look somewhere else for a moment, then look back and see if the time or words are the same. Try to change the color of something, just by thinking about it. Ask yourself the question “Am I dreaming?” then ask the question several times during the day, eventually you will be in the dream and reality can perform your test.

A second way to realize that one is dreaming is to realize a dream symbol or dream character. If you discover this dream symbol in your dream, you know that you are dreaming (eg, a pink elephant, meetings deceased, or magical flying). By feeding a dream diary to go back and find things that often show up in your dreams, you can choose a dream symbol that has a special meaning for you. So when you see your dream symbol, you will notice that your experience is a dream and then continue with what suits you best.

Long-Lasting Lucid dreaming?

The biggest problem for beginners is that they are so excited when they realize that they are dreaming, and so wake up from their dream. Even experienced lucid dreamers can have this problem. There are several ways to renew your dreams if your dream shows signs of ending. Some people claim to be able to successfully counteract, by turning their dream or bring yourself to turn your dream in other words, as a skater and remember that every next scene will be a dream. Sometimes it helps just to run or jump, to extend your dream. Once you are sure when creating a lucid dream, and this condition can be maintained to some degree, the next step is to control your dreams.

How to control your dreams?

Now comes the fun part. Anything can happen in your dream even your wildest imagination.

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Be able to become invisible, to live as a millionaire to sail around the world. The most popular is probably the ability to fly. If you succeed the first time to fly in your dream, you will feel the most exciting feeling of freedom that they have ever experienced. Just remember to be able to fly like a bird, the wind in your hair, the freedom to go to any place. People have the experience of lucid dreaming also used for the improvement of their waking life, for example in order to play the piano, to skating or to become self-aware. Some people even report religious experiences.

Science has just begun thus to examine the process of lucid dreaming. Some researchers see it as an evolutionary development of humanity and our consciousness expansion. Whether we continue to develop new or have always had this ability, we prefer not to take full advantage of all that it provides us with security. If we could be disciplined with our dream job, we would open a lot of new opportunities to learn and grow.

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