Farhan Akhtar claims lack of unity in film fraternity

Farhan Akhtar puts forward his opinions on the controversy surrounding Padmavati and the dropping of two regional movies by the centre from the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) and said, “Unfortunately, we also have to blame ourselves. We should not just be pointing fingers.” The regional movies Nude (Marathi movie) and S Durga (Malayalam movie) were dropped recently from the IFFI.

Farhan, through his comments, stressed upon the lack of unity in the film industry. He said, “Everyone gets scared when it’s there film on the line. It is a small industry… There are not that many people. If they don’t come together to create an environment where they themselves can function in, the way they want to, nobody else is going to do it for them.”

He added, “This is not just about those two films or just about Padmavati. This has happened in the past with many films. I am totally against anything being banned. I genuinely believe we should stop treating our audiences as children. We should allow them to grow.’’

Farhan also said, “We should allow them to be exposed to different kinds of ideas to counter cultures, to counter thinking. It’s very important for the development of any nation that there are viewpoints which are not always in agreement with the majority.”

He opposed to any type of threat or violence by saying, “In cinema there’s no such law that if a film is made you have to go and see it! You have the freedom to boycott the film. You can tell people to boycott the film. But you don’t have the freedom to threaten somebody with grievous bodily harm or break somebody’s theatre or cause damage in any way”