Choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan believes that the routine of song and dance in the films are dwindling.

“I think the whole song and dance thing is dwindling unless you are making a dance film. I don’t think it is there. The song culture is going away. Songs are played in the background. Good in a way that the taste of people are changing and bad in the sense that our calling card as an industry was that we used to do song and dance numbers. And that is how we stayed ahead of Hollywood,” Farah said.

Lack of exciting offers make Farah to avoid choreographing songs. Talking about the same, she said,“Why do you think I have stopped choreographing? I don’t want to do same thing (in dance). Until and unless we do something new and radical in terms of musical then it is ok. I also get bored while watching such songs.”

Commenting over the current trend of remaking the original songs, she said, “That is even worst. I think every song that they have recreated is worse than original. I don’t mind if they become better than the original, it is not as good as the original. And in every song there is a rap.”

Talking about what made her to choose to host Lip Sing Battle, she said,“For every show that I am offered, I don’t take up all. I felt this show is good for me and I am good for the show. It is a Jimmy Fallon franchise, so you need someone who is easy and pally with celebrities. It is fun to do.”

Adding further she spoke about how it is not easy to get celebrities in pairs despite of having them as friends in the industry. “It is never easy. A lot of people do come in but it is not easy to coordinate dates with both people and they should be comfortable with each other. Sometimes we want a guest appearance like for Karan Johar’s episode we had Priety Zinta as a guest, and then for Vishal Dadlani and Shaan, we had Bappi Lahiri,” Farah said.

Speaking about whom she would like to see in pairs in the show, she said, “I would like to see exciting new pairs like Sania Mirza with Ranveer Singh or Varun Dhawan with Shilpa Shetty or Raveena Tandon or Jacqueline Fernandez and Shahid Kapoor. I would like to see Yuvraj Singh and Katrina Kaif,”

“We are not getting the older generation, we are paying tribute to them through the show. Like Farhan Akhtar did a song from Karz and we would like to have Rishi Kapoor as guest,” added Farah.

Celebrity pairs like Karan Johar-Parineeti Chopra, Farhan Akhtar-Arjun Kapoor, Shaan-Vishal Dadlani and others will be featured in Lip Sing Battle which will air on Star Plus.