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Farah Khan: The craze of putting kids on stage is good but also very scary

Choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan will be seen as the host in Star Plus’ show Lip Sing Battle. The show will have celebrities to compete in an entertaining challenge.

“The USP of Lip Sing Battle is not only the format but the audience will get to see these celebs uninhibitedly having some fun doing some mad and crazy things,” said Farah in an interview with a leading Indian daily.

When asked about to comment over which genre is successful in TV, she said, “I think these days, if you do anything with kids, it’s bound to do well. The craze of putting kids on stage is good but also very scary.”

When asked about the pressure that kids go through in reality shows and that if she would allow her kids to participate in reality shows, she said, “If my kids open their mouth on TV, I will be most happy (laughs). But on a serious note, our kids are too protected and I don’t think they would be able to handle this kind of pressure ever. These kids on the shows have a different psyche altogether. My son, even if he loses on a sports day is devastated. And to go through the grind and face elimination week after week, it would be really difficult.”

“Having been part of such shows, I haven’t got a chance to interact much with the parents as we spend time with the kids only. But we all know that most of the parents push their children into it to fulfill their dreams,” Farah adds.

As Farah further spoke about motherhood and parenting, she said “Both me and Shirish (Kunder) are completely hands-on parents and enjoy bringing them up. Earlier I used to take a maid along with us to help me with three kids on vacations, but now I have even stopped doing that. From washing their bums to bathing them and taking them to parks, I do everything.”

Lip Sing Battle will have Farah Khan and Ali Asgar as the host. The show will air on September 16 at 10 pm.