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Exploring Web Development Trends in 2023

By: Eastern Eye Staff

With the constant evolution of web development, competent developers strive to stay up-to-date with new trends to capitalise on unexplored opportunities. Twenty years ago, who could have predicted the technological marvel that is the web today? The forthcoming years are sure to hold more innovations and potential roles.

With a knack for keeping up with modern trends, you could be one of the first to seize opportunities that have yet to exist. To keep ahead of competitors and stay updated with web development, our UK web development agency presents the top 15 trends for 2023.

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Progressive Web Apps

Today’s websites must do more than simply being responsive; they must be progressive. Progressive web apps (PWAs) provide a hybrid of the mobile app and web experience, appearing as native apps yet accessible through any browser. Built to run offline, they are fast and offer a consistent experience across devices by adapting to the user’s device, browser, and screen size. Their advantage over traditional apps is that they don’t require a dedicated app store, making them increasingly attractive to businesses and developers.

Exploring the benefits of PWA development in greater depth, we can identify how this technology helps both users and business owners:

  • Reduced development and support expenses
  • Rapid market launch
  • Easy distribution
  • Smooth installation
  • Device power and storage savings
  • High speed
  • Offline app usage
  • Increased website engagement and conversion
  • Seamless upkeep and updating

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are gaining immense popularity in the world of web development, with many companies and developers working to incorporate these cutting-edge technologies into their web pages and web applications.

Utilising AI and ML can allow companies to offer personalised experiences to their users, refine their search engines, and automate processes. This can generate a better level of engagement from customers and thus drive better conversions.

Dark Mode Standardisation

The dark mode feature provides users with improved readability in low-light environments and better customer satisfaction. It inverts the colours of a website or web application, making the background dark and the text light. Additionally, it can provide energy savings due to less power being used by the screen, which is especially beneficial for mobile devices and laptops. This allows users to extend battery life and use their devices for longer periods.

Developers can quickly and easily incorporate dark mode into their websites and web applications using CSS media queries, JavaScript, and the preferred-colour-scheme media feature. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses and developers seeking to create and deploy web applications.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Websites and web applications increasingly incorporate chatbots and virtual assistants as they are a practical and convenient tool for customers to interact with a company. Such technologies can respond to inquiries, give customer service, or execute transactions. Companies that adopt chatbots and virtual assistants into their sites and applications can boost customer satisfaction and reduce the burden of redundant duties.

JavaScript frameworks

Statista’s report, shown below, shows that JavaScript holds the top spot.

Picture1 4

Popular among developers, React, Angular, and Vue.js, three JavaScript frameworks,

supply an array of utilities to assemble complex and interactive web applications. These frameworks facilitate the creation of recyclable components, oversee application states, and address routing and navigation. Hence, they are often applied in developing single-page applications (SPAs) and other reactive web applications.

Cybersecurity concerns

The prevalence of cybercrime has escalated due to an increasing range of chances for hackers to take advantage of. To ensure user privacy, it is not advised to demand customers to log into a website using their social media logins. Individuals have become increasingly cautious with whom they share their details, and therefore requesting unnecessary information should be avoided. Moreover, exploring multi-factor identification would be beneficial if you store an abundance of user data on your server. Gain access to our premier eCommerce development agency for professional solutions.

Serverless architecture

Serverless architecture refers to using a third-party provider to keep an application’s infrastructure and servers and provides numerous advantages to businesses and developers.

Firstly, the third-party provider helps reduce the overhead costs associated with establishing and maintaining individual servers.

Secondly, this architecture is highly scalable and can automatically expand to accommodate heightened demand, sparing developers the costs of hardware upgrades.

Thirdly, serverless architecture is well-integrated with other services and tools, accelerating development.

In conclusion, serverless architecture offers both cost savings and scalability to businesses and developers.

Single-page applications

SPAs (Single-page Applications) are becoming increasingly popular for their swift and responsive user experience similar to a native mobile app. SPAs load a single HTML page, which is then modified dynamically in response to user interactions. The architecture of SPAs is usually established through JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, Angular, and React, thus facilitating the development of complex and interactive user interfaces.

Optimised voice search

Voice search optimization is integral to the web development industry, as it has already improved the Internet. This technique provides a wide range of benefits, with the primary one being an improved user experience.

Optimised voice search can significantly boost website traffic and conversions, enabling users to quickly find the information they need. Moreover, voice-controlled devices are the ideal way to ensure discoverability and accessibility for businesses. Therefore, ensuring that your website or web application is optimised for voice search is important.

WordPress development

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, used by over 40% of websites worldwide. This open-source platform continually adds new features to meet user demands. WordPress Development is receiving a significant update for the upcoming year. This update seeks to improve user experience by making the navigation structure more intuitive, allowing post-editors and template experiences to become interconnected. In addition, the CMS is introducing a variety of design tools to enhance website aesthetics. WordPress powers over 40% of the internet’s websites, making it an integral platform in the web development industry.

To Sum Up

In the coming years, the world of web development will continue to revolutionise, with 2023 marking a significant year of advancements.

Not only will we see increased demand for Responsive Design, Serverless Architecture, and optimised Voice Search, but also an increased focus on Cybersecurity and Dark Mode standardisation. WordPress Development will continue to blossom as an open-source platform offering user-friendliness and versatility in website building and management.

Moreover, the use of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Artificial Intelligence will become more popular, greatly enhancing the user experience, performance, and accessibility of websites and applications, ensuring greater efficiency, engagement, and security.

Our team is committed to turning your vision into tangible success for your business.

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