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Exhibition marks India’s hand forming modern Britain

have changed the UK
SNAPSHOT: Indians have changed the UK

INDIA’S role in shaping Britain will be documented in a photographic exhibition tour kicking off in Edinburgh later this month.

The “India in Britain” display will depict the shared heritage of the two nations through images dating from 1870 to the present day.

In conjunction with the India-UK Year of Culture 2017, co-curators from the Open University and the University of Exeter aim to highlight India’s impact on Britain’s cultural, intellectual and political landscape.

Images range from the ordinary and every day to landmark moments capturing those who faced adversity in the quest to make Britain their new home.

Project director, Professor Susheila Nasta MBE from the Open University, said: “The images trace Indian-British interactions across the divide of race, class, and gender. We want to examine and draw public attention to India’s role within Britain rather than Britain’s well documented historical presence in India.”

Some featured photographs in the exhibition include Queen Victoria with her favoured Munshi, Abdul Karim; Mahatma Gandhi visiting textile workers in Lancashire; and Rabindranath Tagore, India’s first Nobel Prize winner, in London.

The tour commences at the Edinburgh Mount Precinct, followed by London Bridge Pier before concluding at Victoria Gardens in Leeds next month.