Don’t Give Up! Games To Keep Your Stamina Going Strong

Technology gets a lot of criticism for damaging your wellbeing. But it has done a lot of good as well. Gaming apps, in particular, have helped so many people live and work well.

Over the years, we’ve also used several great apps focused on growing or improving mindfulness. Below are five of what we consider the best games that’ll help you reduce stress, build resilience, enhance concentration, and strengthen your abilities.

  1. Logic Master 1

This is one of the trickiest games you’ll ever play. Every level seems so obvious, but it’ll leave you scratching your head. It’s fun and needs you to think smartly and creatively. The levels may include solving puzzles like how can you clean the car, make a profit for the company, send the giraffe home, and more. Looks easy, certainly is not.


  1. BlockuDoku

Amongst several other block games, BlockuDoku is quite an interesting and straightforward one. All you’ve to do is form maximum streaks and shapes in minimum time to make the figures disappear. The clearer you keep your playing field, the better rewards you gain, and the more exciting the gameplay gets.                                        You can play seasonal and daily challenges and                                        collect exciting rewards. Try it once, and you’ll                                         be addicted to the game for eternity!


  1. Skillz

To test your memory, math, speed, touch, coordination, and visual abilities, try Skillz. It’s an all in one game that’ll improve your mental stamina while keeping you entertained. It asks you to tap on different colors, distinguish various details, instantly choose correct answers, and much more. It’s a multiplayer game, so it’s                                        even more enjoyable.


  1. Elevate

This is a smart, well thought out, and wonderfully presented puzzle game that you’ll want to keep playing. It’s somewhat like Skillz but a little more refined. You can personalize your daily puzzling experience, track performance, and maintain a workout calendar. Moreover, everything on the app revolves around reading, writing, and listening. So if that’s your thing, the app is for you! It truly improves your stamina!


  1. Flow Free

From daily puzzles to regular/ bonus packs, and mania levels, Free Flow has tons of exciting puzzles to keep you engrossed. Your aim is to run against the clock and connect all the colors on the board without breaking or overlapping the pipes. It’s a relaxing yet challenging game.  Try it once to feel the flow.

So there you have it – five best gaming apps that’ll nurture your stamina and resilience, even your problem-solving skills. Just make sure to use these apps wisely and level up yourself! And remember – don’t give up!