Dawinder Bansal on Seven lies women tell

That was great: No guy is as good as he thinks in the bedroom. So there will be times in life when women have faked pleasure and given the man an undeserving pat on the back for something he clearly didn’t do. Perhaps it’s encouragement for next time or maybe women realise men have fragile egos.

Yes, you can call me: There will always be an occasion when a man you are clearly not interested in will want to call. Instead of being honest, many women will bust out a fake smile and tell the guy it’s ok to phone. Smart women hand out a fake number while others dread picking up their phone when he calls. The same applies to a girl you don’t like who has made it her mission to be your bestie.

I’m nearly ready: Ladies, he knows it’s a lie, you know its not true, yet we will tell someone waiting we are close to being ready. This lie has perhaps resulted in the most arguments between couples and yet it gets rolled out on a regular basis.

That was so delicious: If a guy has finally bothered to cook then a shocked woman won’t care how the food tastes and will fake yummy noises where necessary. The same will happen if you are visiting family or friends who clearly have no idea about good food. Instead of being honest and helping them raise their game we tell them how great the dishes were (even if the first signs of food poisoning bubble up during the meal).

I’m fine: Perhaps the most common lie women tell. You will clearly be upset about something but say everything is ok in the hope the other person will guess what is going on. On a side note men know you are lying, but think safety first and don’t want to poke an angry lioness.

Looks don’t matter: Men are supposed to go for looks and women for personality or least that is what we want them to think. Looks do matter and we women do appreciate some eye candy, but we usually won’t openly admit it. Let’s face it in an ideal world you would want your man to look like a movie idol and have the body of a Greek god, not a hairy back and saggy moobs.

It didn’t cost that much: We women like the finer things in life and there is nothing wrong with that. Whether it is concerned parents or a stingy partner we will always encounter people we have to lie to about our spending habits and pretend there was some sort of sale. Then you have to hide receipts like you are in the secret service.