Darsheel Safary made no conscious decision to take a break from films

Popularly known for his role in Taare Zameen Par and Midnight’s Children, actor Darsheel Safary said that he did not make a deliberate decision to stay away from films. As he returns after 5 years with Quickie, Darsheel talks about whether he broke ties from films to concentrate on studies.

“It wasn’t a conscious decision to stay away from films. We were figuring out. I told dad that I wanted to study in a college and have fun too, so I took a break,” he said.

Adding further he stated about how he stayed in touch with the medium.

“I did short films and wrote some scripts. I still have incomplete scripts. I don’t know when I will complete them. Then I participated in college festivals. That was another high. I did commercial theatre (‘Can I Help You?’) a while ago,” said Darsheel.

Talking about whether direction interests him, the 20 year old actor said, “I haven’t decided. Acting and dancing come naturally to me. I’ve been doing all that since I was 9. So I’ve kept acting on top of my list. I had a blast directing and writing. I’ve watched so many films and I am trying to understand the technical aspect of filmmaking. But I will think about it after I make a place in the industry.”

Speaking about the film Quickie, he said, “That is shaping up beautifully. We announced it in February. There is no release date as of now. They (the film’s makers) are taking their time to make it top notch for the audience. When I heard the story, I thought a 17 or 18-year-old must have written it. When I found out it was a 40-year-old man, I was like ‘Are you kidding me?’”

Talking about how precisely the makers have portrayed the life of a teen in the film, he said, “Relationship, dating, clubbing, pressure from parents… will be shown so well.”

“It’s (acting) in her (Palak’s) genes. She can easily pick up lines; her memorization power is great… I was just happy about the fact that she can pull it off so well,” said Darsheel as he will share the screen space with Palak who is the daughter of the popular television actor Shweta Tiwari.

As Darsheel is the face of The Harry Potter Film Series festival which will commence on Sunday on &Pictures, the elated actor said, “The main aim of the festival is to spread awareness about the franchise among the masses. A large population in India does not watch English films,” he said.

“There would be nothing better than playing Harry Potter. I wasn’t a fan of the books. I became a fan after watching the movies. It formed my childhood. From 2001 to 2011, I used to wait for these events… what happens in Harry Potter’s life. I also loved the direction. There were different directors, but I’m a huge fan of David Yates,” added Darsheel.

The festival will last until November 5. It will showcase the last installment of the Harry Potter franchise.