Daisy Shah would like to work in a biopic on Mumtaz

Bollywood actress Daisy Shah compares her life with the yesteryear actress Mumtaz. She says that her life is alike the life of Mumtaz and that she would like to work in Mumtaz’s biopic, if given an opportunity.

During the trailer launch of her forthcoming film Ramratan, Daisy said, “In terms of work, I would like to work on a biopic and some people that I have met have mentioned that my life, in some way, is similar to Mumtazji. She was also a dancer and then became an actress so in that way, I relate with her. So I think if I get the chance, I would like to work in a biopic on Mumtaz.”

Commenting about whether she would attract footfalls in the theater for the movie, as she plays the lead role in it, she said, “I think filmmaking is a team work and it’s a shared responsibility. If based on popularity, people will come to theaters because of my name, then I would be very happy but it isn’t about Daisy, it is about the director and the film and the co-actors. I think we have put in a lot of efforts to make a good film. I hope our efforts comes through when the audience will see the trailer. Of course, there is a responsibility on me and I will try my best and promote the film as much as possible.”

Daisy appeared in a special appearance as a debutante in the 2010 bilingual action thriller Vandae Maatharam. She, then appeared in the lead role in a Kannada film Bodyguard. She is best remembered for her lead role in the 2014 film Jai Ho with Salman Khan. In 2015, she played a bold role in Hate Story 3.