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Common fears of men during sex: How to overcome them?

By: Eastern Eye Staff

Despite the fact that sex is one of the thoughts that men think about the most, it is worth mentioning that when the sexual act arrives, many of them get scared by some factors, which can be physical or mental, where the brain itself plays a bad trick and they end up overthinking about the bad things that can happen. Sex is almost a necessary practice and, therefore, all human beings should enjoy it without fears or taboos, for this reason we present some of the most common fears of men when having sex, and of course, how to overcome them in an assertive way either with your partner or by hiring the escort services.

The model that has been created of men over the years is clearly an image of someone strong, brave, with few emotions and with a constant sexual appetite. History, beliefs, social context and adult content or also called pornography have contributed to this male prospect, showing men with huge penises, defined bodies and with the ability to have long and successful sexual encounters. These patterns have entered the minds of men and some women, generating standards that are often far from reality, and as a consequence this ends up pushing people and couples into an abyss full of dissatisfaction and frustration.

A reality demonstrated by studies is that thanks to the culture of pornography almost 65% of men think about their sexual performance and the size of their penis when having intimate encounters, which can generate stress, due to these complexes mentioned above many prefer to hire sexual services with an escort in London where they are not judged by their physique and in some cases they don’t even have to worry about their performance in the encounters.

Dysfunction and prematurity

According to a study, 83% of the people surveyed reported problems with premature ejaculation, 73% lost their erection at the moment of penetration. This proves that this is an absolutely normal factor in a man’s life and that it should be taken into account without affecting his ego or masculinity; on the contrary, it is important to know how sexuality works in order not to fall into dissatisfaction. Intimate encounters are a space of pleasure and enjoyment, good experiences give the body the necessary hormones to feel satisfaction and happiness; however, bad experiences can make each new encounter a moment full of tension and stress, becoming a major problem.

Difficulty in male communication

Another factor that complicates the management of these situations in men’s lives is communicating what is happening, and it is often easier to let it go than to talk about it, we rarely hear them complain or be afraid of something, and when they go to therapy for a sexual issue they do not always say it directly. In a society like ours, this type of situation tends to be a mockery, which complicates these positions, men are emotionally more vulnerable than society believes. A solution to initiate these types of conversations without feeling judged is to strengthen healthy bonds of friendship where spaces can be created to show feelings and emotions.

Chemicals and mentality

When thinking about sex it is inevitable that the mind does not fly to the genitals, without knowing that the brain is the master in this orchestra, sexual performance depends directly on the mental balance, the brain can perceive sex as something threatening when practicing it during an episode of stress, thus releasing higher levels of cortisol, the hormone in charge of this. A fact you probably didn’t know is that cortisol knocks down erections, as the cardiovascular system detects that the person is in danger and not in a pleasurable situation. On the contrary, when the body interprets that it is in a pleasurable situation, it sends dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin throughout the body. A solution to this problem is to try different sexual routines where you can experiment with different parts of the body, leaving the genitals as the end point.

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