Biden campaign launches initiative to woo Sikhs in US

The Biden campaign has launched an initiative to reach out to the Sikh community in the US and vowed to address the unique challenges, including xenophobia, being faced by the minority religious group in the country. The Biden campaign, which launched the ”Sikh Americans for Biden”, said it has plans for protecting Sikh-American youths in […]

US will stay away from ”ridiculous” foreign wars that never end: Trump

The US will stay away from “ridiculous” foreign wars that never end and bring back its troops, president Donald Trump has said, as he pledged to strike down terrorists who threaten Americans and maintain the country’s “unrivalled” military might to ensure peace through strength. Addressing an election rally in the key battleground State of Florida […]

Kamala Harris ‘grossly incompetent’, surprised she was chosen vice president nominee, says Trump

US president Donald Trump has termed senator Kamala Harris as “grossly incompetent,” saying he was surprised when his Democratic rival Joe Biden picked her as his running mate in the November 3 presidential election. Harris, 55, is the first-ever Black, African-American and Indian-American woman to be the vice-presidential candidate of a major political party. “I […]

Biden says hard work and entrepreneurship of Indian-Americans powered US economic growth

US democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has said that the hard work and entrepreneurship of Indian-Americans was the major driving force behind the economic growth of the US. Besides, it was crucial in forging cultural dynamism in the country, said the former vice president while addressing a national virtual fundraiser organised by Indian Americans. He […]

Biden will have no tolerance for terrorism in South Asia, says administration

A Biden administration will have no tolerance for terrorism in South Asia and it will place a high priority on strengthening US-India ties, his campaign has asserted. “We believe that India and the United States are natural partners, and if elected, our administration will place a high priority on continuing to strengthen the US-India relationship,” […]

Trump urges ‘patriotic’ classes in schools, blasts ‘left-wing indoctrination’

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump on Thursday (17) urged “patriotic” teaching in schools and railed against anti-racism training that he said is destroying national unity. “The only path to national unity is through our shared identity as Americans. That is why it is so urgent that we finally restore patriotic education to our schools,” he said at […]

Modi’s party tells supporters in US to not use its name in election campaigns

INDIA’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has asked supporters in the US to not use its name in the presidential polls, stressing that the India-US ties enjoy bipartisan support America. The unambiguous directive to the Overseas Friends of BJP-USA from the party’s foreign affairs department head Vijay Chauthaiwale was apparently aimed at allaying any impression that […]

Trump accuses Harris, Biden of playing politics with anti-virus vaccine

US president Donald Trump again hinted a coronavirus vaccine will be available before November’s election, as he accused his Democratic rivals for the White House of undermining public confidence in the immunization. His comments came days after vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris said she would not take Trump’s word on the safety and efficacy of […]

‘We do have two systems of justice in America’: Kamala Harris

The US has two systems of justice for Black and White Americans, Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris has said, as the senator rebuked president Donald Trump and his attorney general for denying there is systemic racism in the country”s justice system. The strong criticism from Harris, the first Black and Indian-American woman on a […]

Trump in ‘different reality’ on racism in America: Kamala Harris

DEMOCRATIC vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris said on Sunday (6) that President Donald Trump was living in a “different reality” as he denied there was systemic racism in America. “The reality of America today is what we have seen over generations and, frankly, since our inception, which is we do have two systems of justice […]