Spiritual travel

By Rashmita Solanki FOR those among us who want to travel in the utmost comfort to reach their destination in a happy, positive mood ready for our holiday, the only way to travel is by Qatar Airways. I experienced their service first-hand on my recent trip to Coimbatore in south India for the festival of […]

10 Best Places to Visit in India for 2018 Tours

There are only a few days left that we are going to welcome the year 2018. To all the travellers who want to explore new destinations in the coming year; here is a list which will help you to plan your next vacation. This list includes destinations with natural beauty, beach locations, adventure spots and […]

Laptop ban: EU seeks talks with US over sharing security information

THE European Union has demanded urgent talks with the United States over a possible extension to some European countries of a US ban on airline passengers taking laptops into cabins, saying any security threats faced are common. The Trump administration is likely to extend the ban already applicable to flights originating from 10 specific airports […]

Angkor Wat: Lasers discover hidden history

UNPRECEDENTED details of medieval cities hidden under the jungle in Cambodia near Angkor Wat have been revealed using lasers, shedding new light on the civilisation behind the world’s largest religious complex. While the research has been going on for several years, the new findings uncover the sheer scale of the Khmer Empire’s urban sprawl and […]

Luxury of Sunday shopping

TOURISTS flocking to the French capital will now be able to shop at luxury shops that line the Champs Elysees and the Place Vendome on Sundays as a key reform comes into effect. An agreement between luxury shops and employee unions on Sunday hours has come into force, said Sylvie Zawadzki, who heads up tax […]

Active volcano a red hot tourism ticket

masaya’s magma Lake ‘unique in The world’ CENTURIES ago, a native Central American people terrified of a witch believed to live deep in the earth used to sacrifice children and young women to Nicaragua’s Masaya volcano. Today, the crater southwest of the capital Managua is an international tourist magnet, where photograph- snapping visitors scramble among […]

Trump’s towering New York temple

NEW YORK CITY is packed with some of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world but there’s a hot new ticket in town – Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. Americans from out of state, Israeli teenagers, a tourist group from China and Europeans – all have been seen stopping off at the place that […]

Star Wars awakens interest in Irish beauty spot

THE plot for the next Star Wars film is guarded more closely than the Death Star, but one thing is certain, it will feature plenty of Irish mist and rain. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awa­kens, the last movie in the Lucasfilm Disney Star Wars series, which was re- leased in December, has generated […]